If you’re trying to get into the amazing world of  K-pop, it can get a little confusing because there are many groups. You might already know  BTS, BLACKPINK, Monsta X and TWICE, but here are ten other amazing K-pop bands you should know that’ll take your playlist to the next level. 

TXT (Tomorrow X Together)

TXT is BTS’s younger group from the same entertainment company, so you’d be dulling if they weren’t on your playlist. Their sound is a mix of alternative R&B,  pop-rock, and pop-punk. They have that good vibe that makes gloomy days feel brighter with their music. Add “Blue HOUR” and “Good Boy Gone Bad” to your playlist, and you won’t regret it. 

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Stray Kids

If not for anything, add Stray Kids to your playlist for Felix’s deep ass voice on “Christmas EveL” and God’s Menu”. Their sound is unique, and you just know they are funny because of how they play with their songs and album titles, e.g. “ODDINARY” and “NOEASY”, a play on ordinary and noisy. If you weren’t already a STAY, you’re about to become one. 


Dreamcatcher has the most unique video concepts in K-pop girl groups, with their mysterious horror and fantasy fusion visuals. While they have a couple of dance-pop songs, they mostly dabble with rock and metal. Having them on your next playlist is proof of good taste. 


If you’re looking for girl boss music that will make you feel badass, ITZY has you covered. They work for those moments at 3 a.m. when you are manic and awake, and all you want to do is dance. If you listened to older bands like Miss A, you’d appreciate ITZY’S music. You may have heard “LOCO” or “Not Shy” on a random K-pop radio, but take this as a recommendation, if not. 

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Any good playlist should have a mix of different songs, and what better way to shake up your playlist than with a song by (G)I-DLE? They have a song for every genre under the sun, and their music is an effortless blend of everything from house, Latin pop and hip-hop. Do yourself a favour and add “TOMBOY” by them to your playlist.  


Get ready to stan. That’s just it. EXO has wholly mastered the fine art of sexy R&B with their vocals, bad boy vibes, and music video concepts that are out of this world. Start your morning listening to “The Eve” or “Love Shot”, and you’ll definitely have a good day.


Here’s the thing, NCT is a 23 member boy group divided into four units, NCT U, NCT Dream, NCT 127 and wayV. The bigger the group, the better the sound, right? The answer’s yes. Their genre is a fusion of hip hop, R&B, EDM and teen pop. You can’t go wrong with a song from each unit in your playlist. Also, if you’re a fan of Hotel Del Luna and Twenty-Five Twenty-One K-drama, you probably heard NCT’S vocals in their OST. 

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ATEEZ is basically the male version of Dreamcatcher. This group arguably had one of the most powerful debuts in K-pop history. They have strong vocals, powerful flows and intense choreography. Ever heard Koreans sing trap music? No? Well, you’re in for a ride. Add “Deja Vu” to your playlist today for clear skin. 


ENHYPEN has that rainy day vibe that makes you feel like you’re in a coming of age movie. It’s probably why their song “Polaroid Love” went viral on TikTok because every video under that sound just has good vibes. Whether it’s getting you into your feels with “FEVER” or preparing you for a good day with Polaroid Love, ENHYPEN works for any playlist. 


If you spend all your time on TikTok, chances are you already know one of their songs,DARARI”. It went viral, and it’s not even the title track “JIK JIN” from the album. That’s just how good this young boy group is. Don’t be a dead guy; spice up your playlist with Treasure’s songs today. 

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