Have you ever listened to an old Nigerian song and thought to yourself, “If only the artist could see the future back then?” You’re not alone. These artists thought they made mad points when they penned down these lyrics, but looking at them now, we can’t help but shake our heads. It is well sha. 

1. “Four years don waka, we still dey carry go. Nobody waka, nobody go solo” — Four Years, Styl Plus 

If only they could see the future. Guys, quick question: where is Tunde? Did he step out or something? That being said, this song was a bop and it still manages to pop up every time Nigerian students are about to graduate (even if the course plus ASUU strike made the process 10 years). 

2. “Stay relevant like BlackBerry charger” — Amorawa, Burna Boy

Can anyone remember the last time they saw a Blackberry, much less an actual BlackBerry charger? We can’t blame Burna though, because when this song dropped in 2013, we were still on a “what’s your pin?” and “let me ping you” high. Fun times! Now we’re out here buying chargers and earphones separately from a new phone, all because Steve Jobs tricked us into joining a digital cult. 

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3. “Don’t doubt me, I go bring home Grammy” — Street Credibility
, 9ice

You know what? Let’s not say anything. At least, we now have Nigerian Grammy Nominees and winners and that’s what matters. Good job, 9ice. At least you saw the future, even if it didn’t include you. 

4. “Your beauty make me to realise say Nepa don bring light” — Duro, Tekno

Where’s the light, Tekno? Where? We would’ve ignored this lyric but despite all the fine babes in Nigeria, the national grid still collapsed like Goliath. We’re not finding this lyric funny at all. Where are we queuing for petrol today? 

5.”But nobody contest we, my brother make you try abi you done smoke weed” — Me & My Brother, PSquare

Peter and Paul really sang this song with their full chest confident that they’d be ride or die forever. But, alas over the past few years, they’ve shown us that sometimes water is thicker than blood o. But when you really look at it, they were right. No one tested them, they simply tested themselves and stressed all of us out. 

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