1. When this was literally the longest thing ever.

Something that could load for a year.

2. Nigerian girls and “how did you get my pin?”

Was there even a right answer to this question?

3. You, waiting for that red light to blink.

Someone should ping me na.

4. When everyone added “loading” to the end of everything.

All those ‘Elegushi loading!’ PMs.

5. When people believed everything they got in a BC.


6. When couples used to have full arguments with their PMs and DPs.

See serious something

7. When they take light and people start putting DPs like this:

Ugh! We get it.

8. Whenever someone started a conversation with “PING!!!”

You don’t have home training.

9. When you left your phone for hours and came back and no one had pinged you.

Nobody loves me.

10. When getting deleted while typing a message felt like the rapture.


11. When it was your birthday and all your contacts had pictures of you as their DP.

As a celebrity.

12. Whenever someone sent a BC in the name of doing ‘contact check’.

Fix it, Jesus.

13. When you knew someone was angry when they changed their DP to a black screen.

You’ll be fine.

14. This demon app:

The absolute worst.


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