Whenever people jam to a song, they say things like, “Omooo, *insert artist* put crack in this song!” This basically means the song is so good and addictive they want to keep going back for more.

But how do you identify a song that has crack in it? Let me tell you: 

If you play it 100 times in a row

Once it becomes the only song you play for 30 minutes straight, it definitely has crack in it, cause you’re addicted. How else do you want to explain playing a song over 100 times and not getting sick of it?

If you learn the lyrics after just one listen

The crack in the music is what will make you learn the lyrics so damn fast and scream them at the top of your voice. 

When you hear THAT producer’s tagline 

The moment you hear a certain producer’s tagline at the beginning of the song, you already know the song has crack. You know the producer I’m talking about. 

When you hear, “She tell me say”

There’s something addictive about this line, and that’s why Wizkid says it so much. Whenever you hear the line, you know the song will bang. It’s Wizzy’s way of putting crack in the song. 

When you make other people listen, and they instantly love it 

Most times when you force other people to listen to your music, they’ll look at you with disgust and ask, “What nonsense are you playing?” But if you play a song, and they say, “Brooo, this is a jammm!” then the song has crack.

When you’re willing to sell your kidney to hear the artist perform it live

Only people who do crack will sell their properties to have more of it. That’s why you’d gladly sell your kidney to listen to the artist perform the song, because it has crack in it. 

When you request for it any chance you get 

Whether it’s at a party, funeral, friend’s house or car ride, you always request for the song to be played. You won’t allow anybody to rest until they play the song. 

If Burna boy sang it 

Did I lie? 

If it’s from the trenches 

Nobody can tell me anything. Trenches music definitely has crack in it. That’s why you see people pulling off their wigs and shoes to misbehave dance to it.

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