Are you thinking of experimenting with a new look by getting your septum pierced? Well, you’re in the right place. 

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While septum piercings are nothing new, they’ve become more popular over the years, regardless of gender. Nigerian parents might rain hail and brimstone at the sight of their kids with one, but septum piercings are cool, and that’s the tea. 

From the pricing to the pain and how long it takes to heal, we’ve answered all your burning questions about septum piercings. 

Is a septum piercing different from a nose piercing?


No, dear, it’s not. The septum is basically like a cartilage fence between both nostrils. While traditional nose piercings sit on either of your nostrils, a septum piercing is at the bottom (piercers call it the “sweet spot”) of your nose. 

What health concerns should you be worried about? 

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A septum piercing is more or less a wound that heals around fancy jewellery to make you look fabulous. But it’s still a wound, and like most, there’s a chance it would get infected, which’ll make your septum swell, hurt or create pus. It’s important to monitor your piercing and see a doctor at the slightest sign of these three things. It could result in granulation tissue or scarring. 

But those are worst-case scenarios. You could get your septum pierced and live happily ever after. Getting a piercing is a risk, but so is living in Nigeria at all. 

How painful is this septum piercing thing? 

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As someone with a septum piercing, I can tell you for free that getting pierced hurts. You’re literally making a hole in your body, duh. But pain thresholds  vary, so you might be a Marvel Avenger and feel nothing. The pain tends to come like a quick, sharp pain, but once the needle comes out and your jewellery has been added, the world will feel alright again. 

Fun fact: septum piercings are less painful than ear piercings. Who would’ve thought? 

What are your options when it comes to septum jewellery? 

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From bead rings, captive rings, septum pinchers, clickers to circular barbells, the world is your oyster. 

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Captive Rings. Source:

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Let’s talk money

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The cost of a septum piercing varies based on location. But a cute one should cost somewhere between ₦‎8k and ₦‎20k. 

You’ve gotten your septum pierced. Now, what? 

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Imagine going through the process of getting your septum pierced just to take it out because you have an infection? 

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Practising aftercare is the best way to ensure your septum piercing fully heals without any wahala. First things first, avoid touching your piercing, especially with unwashed hands. You’re excited; I get it. But to avoid getting bacteria on it, please, keep your fingers to yourself. Don’t twist or fiddle with it. In fact, ignore the piercing like it’s a toxic ex. 

The next step is to do a saline (salt and water) cleanse twice daily. No one said you should scrub it with salt like kponmo, just dip a towel in saline solution and gently clean around it. And gently pat the skin dry afterwards. By the way, skincare girlies, don’t allow the products in your 12-step Korean routine to touch your piercing until it’s fully healed. 

How long does a septum piercing take to heal? 

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The healing time varies from person to person, just like the pain of getting the piercing. But, if you practise good aftercare and stop playing with your piercing, then you’re looking at four to six months before your septum fully heals. It also depends on factors like stress levels and skin sensitivity. But last last, your septum should be back to its full strength in a year. 

Can I change my septum jewellery during the healing period? 

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No, dear. But, as I said, the healing period varies. So while it might take me eight months to fully heal, it might take four months for you. The best thing to do here is to consult your piercer, so they can track your progress and change the jewellery themselves if it’s time to do so.

Why should you get your septum pierced? 

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Because you’re a bad bitch who can’t be stopped, period. 

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But seriously, getting a piercing of any kind should be a personal choice. If you want one, get it. Do septum piercings look cool? Yes. But they’re also not everyone’s cup of zobo. Do you, boo. 

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