Piercings are cool, especially when you’re growing a second head to break your parent’s hearts. However, beyond piercings being cool and nice to have, they also require some maintenance. I have about ten piercings and I’m writing from experience. Your experience might be different from mine. If you notice any weirdness, please talk to a professional.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before getting a piercing. 

1. Some piercings take forever to heal

Nose piercings are cute but they take a long ass time to heal and they close up fast. My nose ring fell off one time and the piercing closed in under two hours. The piercing was about two months old and although it had stopped hurting, it had still not healed. 

2. Needle piercings hurt less

I have beef with piercing guns. Piercing needles are a lot healthier and safer than piercing guns and they also hurt less.


3. No, absence of pain doesn’t mean complete healing

Some piercings take forever to heal and that means healing time varies for different spots. Simply put, that your piercing has stopped hurting anymore doesn’t mean it’s healed. Tampering with a piercing that has not healed can cause you an infection. 

4. Do not touch your piercing unnecessarily

We know you know your piercing is cute and a spirit keeps convincing you to touch it. Ignore that spirit and get your hands off it. The only time you should touch your piercings is when you want to clean them. Avoid touching your piercings with dirty hands if you don’t want them to get an infection. 

5. Be serious with aftercare

When you get a new piercing, the professional should give you a prescription for caring for your new piercings. Take the information given to you very seriously. It’s not a suggestion.

6. Infected piercings hurt like shit

A piercing getting infected is going to make you question why you got it in the first place and make you swear to never get another one. If your piercing gets infected, consult a medical professional. 

7. Your skin can reject a piercing for no good reason

My helix, for the life of me, refuses to accept being pierced both times it got pierced. It’s always got infected and hurt like hell. I’ve decided not to bother anymore. 

8. Piercings can be addictive

Getting pierced can be somewhat addictive. You get one piercing and decide to throw your home training away and get ten more piercings. They are so addictive, you start to wonder if you have a pain kink. Who knows? 

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