After a whole week of activities and working on their game, Saturday party in the Big Brother house is a way for the housemates to unwind. The last Saturday party was superhero-themed. The housemates dazzled in their costumes, and with Guinness made readily available, it became very easy to show their fun sides. With a taste of the premium stout, everyone got into the groove smoothly, and they all became superheroes who are capable of saving the world.

1. Let’s begin by paying homage to the premium superhero.

This is the elixir of smoothness.

2. Nengi getting a taste of that goodness before anything else.

A necessary party starter, and everyone knows that a superhero needs her powers.

3. Tolani and Erica get in formation at their spot.

Peep the joy on their faces as they raise their cups to the air. The party’s about to rock.

4. Wathoni locates her mirror and plants herself there.

A sleek superhero giving the audience sleek moves. Wonder Woman has nothing on our Wathoni.

5. Enter Laycon and Nengi.

A gathering of superheroes, alert and smooth, their eyes forever on the prize.

6. When Guinness and the gbedu enter body, what happens next?

Even the DJ must shake body.

7. Superheroes sharing the secret of their smoothness.

Ozo be like: “How else do you think we stay cool?”

Prince answers: “It’s Guinness and nothing else.”

8. The face you make when your fave drink is a VVIP at the party.

Yass, sis!

9. Kiddwaya and Erica serve us on some dancefloor PDA.

Who says superheroes can’t be boo’d up?

10. A visit to the bar to refill drinks

Refire to perspire and acquire, but doing it smoothly, just as it says on the bottle.

11. Prince and Neo serve us some premium legwork.

Giddem! Even superheroes can do legwork when the song is right.

12. Even Dorathy is serving real Catwoman energy.

With Guinness, all your dreams are achievable. And that, right here, is the energy Dorathy is serving us.

13. Pave way for the Power Puff Gyals!

Dropping it low and raising it high. You know what time it is.

14. And the Wonder Women Geng

Who are the members of your tribe? Do they look this good? Do they drink Guinness? If these things cannot be answered with “Yes”, it might be time to change your geng.

15. Where has TrikyTee been?

Ah yes! He was busy fighting injustice.

You see these ones? They will save the world.

And they will do it with Guinness in their hand. Do you want to be a part of this cool tribe? Get yourself a bottle of Guinness. That’s the induction requirement.



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