If we’re going to be honest, the people at Mount Zion did us all dirty as children. A lot of their movies was a major cause for nightmares for many of us. Well, thank God for growth; we now see the light. Now we can throwback to these movies and laugh at how fearful they made us.

1. The Ultimate Power (aka Ayamatanga).

The Ultimate Power 1 by Mount Zion Films - Mount Zion x Selar

It’s actually “Ayah Matangah.” Here’s a summary from their page: The Village of Muwonleru is besieged by an amalgamation of several forces of darkness with their eartly representative, Isawuru, a powerful herbalist wielding enormous powers for oppressing the villagers until a young couple missionaries showed up with God’s mandate to declare Jesus Christ as the Saviour and Deliverer from the powers of darkness. The battle line was drawn and the tussle began.
The whole point? Jesus is the ultimate power.

2. Esin Ajoji (The Strange Religion).

ESIN AJOJI (Classics) » gospelfilmsng

A synopsis: A king brutally killed the missionary that brought the gospel to the land of Agbayun alongside all those who have believed in Jesus. Several years later, The Prince who was delivered of an agelong curse on Princes, brings back the gospel to Agbayun and confronted the gods of the land, though the battle’s fierce but victory is of the Lord.
Again, what is the whole point? Jesus is Lord.

3. The Gods Are Dead.

Synopsis: A missionary who was initially sent out of the village Bode Ajuwon was caught eating the food sacrificed to the gods on behalf of the King’s ailing prince. The prince died, the priest wants the missionary sacrificed to appease the gods but the missionary challenged the priest and his gods to the battle of supremacy with Jesus Christ, the Lord of Host.

Again, Jesus is Lord.

4. Majemu Ikoko (Hidden Covenant)

Majemu Ikoko (Hidden Covenant) 1 by Mount Zion Films - Mount Zion ...

Even the poster gives me trauma. Anyway, here’s the synopsis:

Shola walked out of her three years courtship for a wealthy Christian brother, she is left in the cold with the consequences of her wrong action.

Moral lesson? Don’t walk out of your courtship. You go face the consequences, nne.

5. Captives Of The Mighty.

CAPTIVES OF THE MIGHTY (Classics) » gospelfilmsng

Synopsis: She suffered several miscarriages because a spiritual husband claims to be her lord with evidences of children. She runs to Jesus and in oneness with her husband, they confronted and defeated this evil being that made her marriage a nightmare.

Hmm. You will be on your own and one spirit will come and claim that he is married to you. Jehovah dear, save us.

Mount Zion Actor, Hassan Doyin Apologizes For Frightening People ...
Same, sis. Same.

6. The Beginning Of The End

Mount Zion Film Productions - The Beginning of the End - YouTube

Couldn’t find a synopsis for this, but it was one of the scariest movies that plagued us. Whew!

7. Apoti Eri

Synopsis: The king of Iremoje is terribly sick and requires a young boy for rituals to redeem his life from death, the boy kidnapped became unusable because he carries the power of God on his inside. The boy ended up ministering healing to the king in the name of Jesus, only to discover later that the king is actually his grand father. Watch “APOTI ERI”, a movie that illustrates the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Moral lesson? Carry the power of God in your inside!



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