If you skip intros when watching anime, you need to be fed semo for 100 days and 100 nights because what sort of disrespect is that? Please do better. These opening theme songs and their series are good enough that I can at least breathe better knowing that no sane otaku will skip any of them. 

1. Blue Bird by Per Fredrik Åsly

 There’s no list of best opening theme songs from anime series without Blue Bird. Let’s pretend like it’s not 99% influenced by the scary Nigerian weebs that’ll come for me if I don’t add something about Naruto. Just kidding, BlueBird is a banger. 

2. Fukashigi no Carte by Fonzi M

Just the fact that it’s a popular audio track on TikTok says a lot about how memorable it is. This opening song can’t come up without you singing along if you’ve seen Bunny Girl Senpai. Also, this anime is so criminally underrated, it makes no sense. 

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3. Shinzou wo Sasageyo by AmaLee

Attack on Titan has one of the best opening theme songs ever. If the part where they say, “Sasageyo,” comes on and you don’t start screaming along, what sort of otaku are you? I feel like this should become the official weeb national anthem. 

4. Gurenge  by LiSA

Demon Slayer is relatively new to the scene, but its opening theme song is already such a bop. They didn’t have to go that hard. I especially love every scene with that werey Zenitsu, because of the way he scammed me into thinking he’d be a badass. He is, though… when he is asleep. 

5. Guren no Yumiya by AmaLee

Do you know how good an anime has to be for all its opening theme songs to be a hit? Every AOT fan watches this and immediately becomes patriotic for a country that doesn’t even exist. It’s insane. 

6. Top by Stray Kids 

If these K-pop idols sing an opening theme song, you can always expect perfection. Stray Kids have no bad songs, but they sang Top like their rent was due. If the opening theme song doesn’t make you watch Tower of God, you may need deliverance. 

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7. Travel by Toru Kitajima

First of all, Tokyo Ghoul is top tier anime, so of course the opening theme song bangs. Is the series sometimes scary? Yes but if you say the blood of Jesus twice, you’ll be fine. Plus, all the characters are hot, so you’ll get over it anyway. Thirst over fear, people!

8. All Haikyuu opening songs

I said what I said come and beat me. How can I pick one when they are all so good? Please come off it. Haikyuu is just so feel-good, all the opening songs make you feel like you’ve been friends with those boys for years. 

9. History Maker by Dean Fujioka

Every single song in the Yuri on Ice OST was a hit, back-to-back but History Maker was special. It’s the sheer brilliance for me. Yuri on Ice was precious and from the opening theme song, you can just tell.  Watch it for clear skin.

10.  Cry Baby by Hinge Dandism

The title is fitting because the main character, Takemich, is such a cry baby. If I had a dollar for every time he cried in the opening theme and the series (Tokyo Revengers), I might be able to japa.

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