The only people who were surprised by Chidi Mokeme’s flawless rendition of Scar in Shanty Town are those who never watched Nollywood before Netflix Naija. 

Here are some other great actors we’d like to see grace our screens next: 

Emeka Ike

We can’t trust anyone who grew up without watching an Emeka Ike movie. Gen Zs, we feel sorry for you. I mean, you missed out on Endless Love, Not Man Enough, My Last Wedding? Let’s not even get started on the tear-jerking A Million Tears. From arrogant rich boy to university cultist, village pauper and hopeless romantic, Emeka Ike had range. 

Saint Obi

Who else was today years old when they found out Saint Obi’s real name is Obinna Nwafor? Well, Saint or no Saint, he embodied every role he was given. The next time there’s a movie about a staunch detective or fearless rebel, we hope the directors reach out to him.

Stephanie Okereke Linus

Before Nancy Isime and Ini Dima- Okojie, we had Stephanie Okereke. She ruled romance and romcoms, but she also showed strength in drama films like Sitanda and Dry.

Nkiru Slyvanus

She didn’t just give her blood, sweat and tearsss for her roles in movies like A Cry for Help, Secret Pain, and the iconic Egg of Life, she taught us that it’s okay to cry. And honestly, we refuse to allow her tears end in the past. 

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Gentle Jack 

There was nothing gentle about Gentle Jack in the roles he was given. You’d find our Nigerian Rambo in any action movie involving fights, gang activities and evil forest business. If Dwayne Johnson can still get all the roles in 2023, we don’t see why Nollywood directors aren’t calling GJ back-to-back.

Stella Damasus

Nollywood’s sweetheart, Stella’s on-screen chemistry with RMD and Ramsey Nouah alone was worth swooning over. If that’s the only thing we get to see one more time, we will take it for a chance to have her back on our screens.

Tony Umez

Dorling, hear us out. Sure, Tony was always given roles that made him act like a mumu for love, but his delivery was flawless. If not, he’d not have had such a lasting effect. With a better storyline and director, we’re positive he’d shine. 

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Hank Anuku

Our favourite thing about Hank Anuku was his voice. His deep baritone sent chills down your spines. He pulled off the villain roles so easily, it was hard to separate the character from the person. 

Shan George

Shan George was the IJGB, American-accented, rich kid we all wanted to be. A bad bitch in her own right in movies like High Street Girls and Master Stroke, we give new Nollywood 24 hours to cast her.  

Van Vicker

Before you argue that he’s a Ghanaian actor, let’s be for real, Nollywood basically carried his career. Nigerian girls had his pictures in their rooms, and young boys wanted to be him. We need to witness the beauty that is his acting one more time.

Bonus point: Desmond Elliot

Do we care for Desmond Elliot? No. But maybe he could bring his clowning away from the government office to where it’d actually be appreciated. 

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