It’s hard but possible to imagine some Nigerian politicians as anything other than politicians. So here’s what we think these seven would do if they weren’t trying to get a piece of the national cake.

Nyesom Wike 


If he wasn’t making us laugh with his hilarious comments or stage dances, this man would’ve made a badass Nigerian police officer. You can totally picture him stopping you on the highway to ask if there’s something for the boys.

Dino Melaye

Hype Man

Some say this man already moonlights as a hype man, but we’ll never really know. There’s no doubt he’ll give us wild nightlife experiences if he wasn’t trying to get a piece of the national cake.

Babatunde Fashola

Lagos Landlord

You can totally picture this, can’t you? Him walking around the house in the morning, looking for something that’s just not there, until he suddenly finds a camera lying around somewhere.

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Jide Sanwo-Olu

Traffic Warden

All that pointing has to count for something. You can’t deny he does the best traffic warden impressions.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Cassava farmer

This man is clearly in love with cassava and corn, and we love to see it. We stan a man who knows where his true passion lies.

Bukola Saraki

Tech Founder

He gives off the vibe of the founder you’ll meet at a tech event, who won’t stop trying to sell you on how his new startup is going to change the world, even though you’ve never heard about it before.

Nasir El-rufai

University Lecturer

“A is for God, B is for me, C is for my wife and kids and D is for my favourite students”. You read that in his voice, didn’t you?

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