If you haven’t watched Shanty Town, I’d like to congratulate you for withstanding the peer pressure and advise you to stop reading now. 

The new Netflix series, which follows characters trying to navigate Lagos’s criminal underworld, stars Ini Edo, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Chidi Mokeme, Richard Mofe Damijo and Nancy Isime. Since the show has taken over social media, I watched it and documented all the random questions that popped up  in my head during its six episode run. 

Let’s go!

Why haven’t I heard Ibibio in a Nollywood film before? 

Watching Ini Edo’s Inem and Nse Ikpe-Etim’s Enewan banter in Ibibio was my favourite part of Shanty Town. I’ve heard Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo in Nollywood before, but not Ibibio. I want more.

Does chewing gum automatically turn you into an experienced sex worker? 

The way Ini Edo’s Inem switched the minute that chewing gum entered her mouth was hilarious and shocking at the same time. Mama was ACTING.

Sorry, but why isn’t Chidi Mokeme in everything? 

I hope Chidi Mokeme’s back is doing okay after carrying all six episodes of Shanty Town like it was nothing. There’s a high chance I’ll cross to the other side of the express if I run into him. But not since Eniola Salami from King of Boys  have I seen a Nollywood villain this terrifying yet likeable.  

Does Scar’s calculator actually work? 

There’s no way in hell Scar could calculate so fast on that calculator that looked like it was about to give up the ghost. 

Nancy Isime, girl, what is this wig? 

From Mercy Eke’s pink Nicki Minaj wig (and those fan lashes) to Ini Edo’s C.R.S teacher bob, all the wigs on Shanty Town stressed me. But none came close to Nancy Isime’s independence day wig. Sis, what is this 1960s afro? 

Important question: Who I go fuck for ₦15 million? 

This is the question that truly keeps me up at night. Nancy Isime, we’re looking for the same person. Call me when you find them. 

Why does RMD look a lot like that popular Nigerian presidential candidate? 

RMD’s Chief Fernandez seems to be modelled after a popular former governor turned presidential candidate. I can’t say more than that. If you know, you know. 

What is an African Zombie, and where can I get one? 

As someone who prides himself in alcohol consumption, I’m a bit concerned I haven’t heard of or tasted an African Zombie before. Please, email the Zikoko team if you know where I can find one. Treat as urgent. 

Is Scar a polyglot? 

I’m totally jealous of Scar’s ability to speak Yoruba and Igbo fluently. It’s rare to find a man who can switch from Yoruba demonry to Igbo wickedness with such finesse. 

Will Shaffy Bello step on me if I ask nicely? 

Shaffy Bello as a quirky villain dressed like a character straight out of Rupaul’s Drag Race

wasn’t something I thought I’d see in 2023, but I’m here for it. I also need a movie where Shaffy Bello just screams “Scar” over and over again. 

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Why is a jazz woman taking cough medicine? 

If there’s one scene that cracked me up, it’s when Sola Sobowale’s Mummy T started coughing and decided to take some cough medicine to solve her problem. I’m sorry, but how can I trust your jazz when you’re going to the pharmacist at the junction like me? 

Does “touch and follow” really work? 

I’m asking for a friend who’s meeting Femi Otedola soon. I mean, if “touch and follow” worked on Femi Fernandez, then maybe, just maybe, it could work on Femi Otedola. 

Why does Femi Fernandez have a thick Anambra accent if he’s old-money Yoruba? 

First of all, Femi Fernandez is the most made-up name in the history of made-up names. But outside of his fake name, I was also worried about his Intro Tech teacher jackets (not suits) and thick Anambra accent. The math isn’t mathing. 

Why was Uche Jombo’s detective just nodding like an agama lizard? 

Someone needs to check on this guy’s neck. I’m worried about him after all the nodding he did in this scene. 

Did Jackie send that voice note from the spirit world? 

I believe you have to be alive to press send when you record a voice note? But if we could hear discussions after Jackie’s death on the voice note she sent, then I’d like to know what network she’s using in the spirit world, because I doubt it’s Glo

How many scars does Scar have? 

I had to ask this question after the scene where one of Chief Fernandez’ henchmen cut off his finger. Has Scar ever counted his scars? Or is my fave villain running on iodine, bandages and vibes? 

Is Chief Fernandez related to Banky W’s Anikulapo from Sugar Rush

Chief Fernandez and Anikulapo are both rich bulletproof mob bosses, so I’m curious to know if they’re cousins or something. Or is everyone bulletproof these days, and I’m the only one left? 

Why is the fight scene at the end so damn long? 

Nollywood, I get it, you guys have learnt fight choreography now, but you need to know when to stop. The fight scene at the end was long for no reason. For a film that left so many questions unanswered, they sure spent a lot of time fighting in slow motion. 

How did three random policemen arrest a bulletproof mob king like Chief Fernandez? 

After all his gra gra, I’m expected to believe Chief Fernandez was arrested just like that? This man is bulletproof and powerful, so the fact that they arrested and tried him, yet nothing happened is weird. His powers or goons couldn’t get him out of police custody after he was arrested? Please make it make sense. 

What was that ending? 

Shanty Town was enjoyable, but it felt rushed and incomplete. Most of the characters were either underutilised or left with no clear motivation for their actions. It’s almost like they did things just to move the plot forward. Why did Nse’s Enewan frame Jagun to protect someone she wanted dead from the start? Why did RMD’s Chief Fernandez ask to see Ini Edo’s character and then not bother to bring her up after cutting Scar’s finger? Why did the police need an invite to the fundraiser if they were going to just barge in any way? 

I heard it was supposed to be a movie before it was broken down into six episodes. But if it couldn’t wrap up the story in six episodes, I wonder how it was hoping to do that as a film. 

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