For my people that love good boy love content, if you’ve been in need of recommendations. Sit tight because these six dramas will change your life and have you screaming, God, when! 

KinnPorsche (Thai)

If you still haven’t seen KinnPorsche by now, what do you have against enjoyment? How much more convincing do you need? It’s a story about  Kinn, a guy from a mafia family, who meets Porsche, a bartender, while fleeing for his life. Kinn asks Porsche to help him. Porsche being a smart guy decides to help him but for a price and I stan. This drama is packed with suspense, romance and a bit of violence, so viewers’ discretion, please. Also, maybe don’t watch this one with your parents, e get why. 

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Cutie Pie (Thai)

Cutie Pie is a twelve-episode short rom-com that follows the life of Kuea Keerati, a university student engaged to Lian Kilen Wang, a CEO. Someone say God when, please. Kuea loves Lian but trusts a rich man like Lian to prioritise his work over his relationship. As someone who is very anti-love, this made me feel very mushy, just so you know what to expect. 

Semantic Error (Korean) 

Who doesn’t love a perfect love story between the shy, quiet nerd and the outgoing, overly friendly himbo? Chu Sang Woo is a talented computer science student. He managed to keep to himself until he got put in a group project with Jang Hae Young.  This drama made me want to scream because why were they so cute?

Oh! Boarding House (Korean)

If you’re single and you watch this drama, just prepare to be jealous. Seol Won’s mother runs a low-cost boarding house. Since he’s out of work and she needs to go to her hometown, she entrusts the boarding house to Seol Won, which is how he meets Kim Cheol Soo, a teacher and his love interest. You know it’s a good drama when they find love in unconventional places.

Love Class (Korean)

Love Class is a sweet drama about finding love and community. Cha Ji Woo is a university student in love with a classmate Bae Yu Na. Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel the same way. One day a course demands that people pair up as  “couples” to complete a project about love and Ji Woo finds himself paired with Lee Ro Ah, a guy. Like every good project partners to romantic partner trope, this will leave you feeling good for a long time. 

First Love, Again (Korean)

First Love, Again is the type of boy love drama you’d watch when you’re in a drama slump. It has just six episodes, and unlike the rest of them on this list, it’s a fantasy drama. This drama follows the life of Yeon Seok, who was in love with Jeong Ha in his past life, except in this life, she reincarnated as a man. 

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