As we enter the fourth week in the BBNaija house, here’s everything that happened in Week 3. 

Biggie made them switch houses

On the 8th of August, level 1 housemates moved from the coloured house to the black and white house, and level 2 housemates packed their baggages from the black and white house to the coloured house. It now begs the question, “which house is now the trenches house?”

Adekunle won head of house

When Adekunle won head of house, he nominated housemates from level 1 to be put up for eviction. Those housemates were Groovy, Ilebaye, Khalid, Phyna and Bryann.

They had a fashion show 

The theme was Gen Z fashion, and they made all their clothes by hand. Level 2 housemates won the challenge, but if you watched the show, who were your favourites? 

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The Chichi and Ilebaye fight

Orijin threw a party for the housemates on Saturday night, where Chichi danced with the latest widower in town, Groovy. Then Ilebaye pushed Chichi, so of course, Chichi pushed back. Lo and behold, Ilebaye went and brought Phyna to dance with Groovy, throwing Chichi away again. Now, according to Ilebaye, she only did it because she, Groovy and Phyna were up for eviction and they needed to bond before they left. Chichi called Ilebaye a low-life market woman, and honestly? We don’t even understand the fight. 

Ilebaye tried to kiss Kess

Now, Kess made it very clear he’s a married man who loves his wife, but Ilebaye still made moves on him after the Origin party. We need to understand why. It’s because of all these things we crowned Ilebaye Week 3’s Queen of chaos. 

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Groovy and Phyna became a thing 

Now, if you remember, Groovy was with Beauty before she got disqualified. Phyna was Beauty’s friend. Amaka also likes Groovy. Groovy said he likes Chomzy. 

But after the Orijin party, and a lot of conversations, Phyna and Groovy served us serious PDA. Safe to say we have a new ship in town? Well, Groovy said he likes Chomzy, and Phyna said she doesn’t mind being a side chick so hmm. Amaka might not be taking it too well, but our “words of affirmation” Queen isn’t letting that hold her down. 

Bella and Sheggz were doing one kind 

I think the Bella and Sheggz ship is the only one still floating. Wahala for the remaining Sunken Ships

Anyways, Sheggz keeps having these weird conversations with Bella and while a part of us feels the babe needs to be saved, she said she’s used to “princess treatment” like this, so who knows? Also, we think Biggie should put them against each other more often because it was nice to see them compete in the Munch It challenge. 

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Allysyn and Hermes were getting closer 

From Allysyn wearing Hermes’ jacket on the first day, to the dances and looks they’ve shared, this is a ship people have been looking at with side eyes. Then at the Orijin Saturday night party, we saw them dancing together yet again. They look cute together, but will the ship eventually sail? Who knows, because shippers are losing their minds and everyone is scattering left and right. If your friend is a shipper, pray for them. 

Ilebaye and Khalid were evicted

Ilebaye and Khalid eventually got evicted, so we move. We say bye to our Queen of chaos and our fornicator who draws the line at alcohol. 

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