We’ve been shouting  Z! Fest everywhere, talking about how it’ll be the best party of all time. But what exactly do we have planned for y’all?

Here’s a list: 

Dance booth

Z! Fest 2021

You’ve been trying to learn legwork for the longest time, but you’re still doing nonsense. We’re giving you a chance to fix it. Come and dance with Liquorose and the GGB dance crew at the dance studio at Z! Fest. You’ll learn a thing or two.

Speed friendship

We wanted to do speed dating but realised Lagos people aren’t looking for love, so we changed it to speed friendship. This is the easiest way to make a new friend in five minutes. 


Zikoko Hertitude 2022

The gag is, the person with the worst karaoke voice wins. All those days you spent singing badly in the shower weren’t for nothing. Your time has come.

Body painting

They say your body is a canvas (don’t ask me who). Z! Fest is bringing talented artists to draw whatever you want on your body. 

Tarot card readings

I’m particularly interested in this one because I need some questions about my past and future answered. Like how did my mum not meet Otedola first? Who’s with me? 

Arts and crafts

Zikoko Hertitude 2022

Who doesn’t want to make matching bracelets with their friends or work bestie?

Tattoo and piercing 

Zikoko Hertitude 2022

The party isn’t complete until Zikoko makes you get piercings and tattoos. If you’ve been pushing off that tattoo appointment for one reason or another, now is the time to get it. Come to Z! Fest. 

DJ sets

Z! Fest 2021

DJs will be there to play back-to-back jams from the year 2022. You’ll dance so much, you’ll need two days to recover. 

 Class of 2022 photo lounge

Z! Fest 2021

We have a really cute photo booth for people to take pictures and create memories. 

And then, games 

Z! Fest 2021
Zikoko Hertitude 2022
Zikoko Hertitude 2022
Z! Fest 2021

Card games, musical chairs (because, why not?), board games, Zikoko ships card game, meme games, balloon games, Tiktok challenges, Twister, darts, song association, cup pong and so much more. 

You guys aren’t even ready for Z! Fest 



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