When we talk about childhood in Nigeria, you should understand that it was one of the best part of our lives. This adulthood thing is a scam. No more pocket money, no more candies and snacks, and what is worse, we miss these amazing TV shows so much.

1. Fuji House of Commotion

Fuji House Of Commotion Episodes We'll Never Forget | Zikoko!

This one gave us premium drama and comedy. Watching it would definitely make you burst into loud laughter.

2. Super Story

super story - vibe.ng

The soundtrack of this one is evergreen. It keeps replaying in our heads even as adults. The stories told in the series were the best too. Life lessons, laughter, tears and some goose bumps all rolled into one.

3. Papa Ajasco

Throwback Thursday: Papa Ajasco & Company • Connect Nigeria

Talk about a group of mismatched people and their plenty shenanigans. From Miss Pepeye to Boy Alinco to Pa James, Mama and Papa Ajasco and Ajasco himself, this TV show gave us everything and more.

4. Binta and Friends

Binta was the model child every Nigerian parent wanted their children to aspire to. You see this perspire to aspire thing did not just start. Watching this TV show would make you start thinking of all the decisions you were making, even as a kid. Thank you, Binta.

NB: This picture is not from the actual Binta and Friends. This was used as an illustration.

5. This Life

All the trust issues many of us have as adults probably came from watching this TV show. Life lessons after life lessons. Whew. The soundtrack is evergreen too. Sometimes, I wonder if it was this show that laid the foundation for the slang, “Inside life.” I could be wrong sha.

MultiChoice Nigeria recently announced the launch of two new local telenovelas, Riona and Enakhe, which will be hitting the screens on September 28, 2020.

The double bill drama will be getting one whole hour of screen time on Africa Magic Showcase and we are absolutely here for it! Tune in to DStv channel 151 at 8 PM to catch the new shows. And follow the conversation on social media using the hashtags #AMEnakhe and #AMRiona.



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