The fourth season of Big Brother Naija, tagged PEPPER DEM, is currently ongoing and it has not failed to deliver on all the things the show is known for i.e bringing out the absolute worst (and hella interesting) qualities in all the contestants solely for the entertainment of the general viewing public.

Are we already living in the dystopian future all those 70s sci-fi movies promised us were coming? That’s a story for another day.

What we’re here to talk about today is five of the juiciest moments from this season. Let’s get into it.

1) Joe Vs Tacha

No one knows what caused their fight (do fights even have origins on this show?) but there was that one-time Tacha and Joe really went at it. Tacha was seriously over the argument and warned Joe to stay away from her but he was clearly in the mood for conflict because he drew closer to her and touched her duvet. This led to an enraged Tacha to hit joe.

The most hilarious part of this is how this didn’t deter Joe. He continued his rain of insults on Tacha, telling everyone who would listen how she has more fake eyelashes than IQ.

2) Mercy showing the entire country her underwear.

So DJ Humility showed up at one of the weekly Saturday night parties to shut down the house with dope music and he must’ve done one hell of a job because Mercy (in what we’re going to assume was a musical high) hitched up her dress and gave the entire country a peek at her underwear.

3) Frodd trying to force himself on Esther.

After basically dry-humping each other throughout the Saturday night party, Frodd was caught trying to force himself on Esther around 2 am. Now, sex happens all the time in the house, but this was different because Esther made it explicitly clear that she was not interested in getting down. That didn’t stop Frodd, though, who was hella horny, evidenced by his shorts already around his ankles. In the midst of their back and forth, Big Brother called Frodd to the Diary Room, scolded him, and ordered him to go back to (his own) bed. We’re very disappointed in you, Frodd.

4) The mysterious person that seemingly shaved their entire body and left a huge pile of hair in the bathroom.

We don’t even blame Tacha for blowing a gasket after finding the enormous pile of hair. We’d be upset too if we walked into our bathroom and it looked like the aftermath of a werewolf transformation. Tacha left the bathroom and yelled at all the other housemates to behave, while also instructing whoever did the deed to go clean it up.

No one confessed.

5) Frodd washing Esther’s underwear.

Viewers have come to understand that Frodd is the kind of person to do questionable stuff all in the name of love (for people he’s literally only known for a few days). However, Nigerians collectively put their foot down and screamed, “HIAN! NO!!” when he was spotted washing the underwear of his current love interest, Esther.

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