Remember when Nigerians didn’t celebrate Halloween for fear of demons? Well, I guess those days are over. 

With Halloween parties, haunted houses and dressing up quickly becoming a thing in Nigeria, I’ve ranked 13 (inspired by the iconic, Friday, The 13th film series) memorable and not so memorable celebrity Halloween costumes. Hopefully you can find some inspiration (or not) for next year. 

13. Wizkid 

We all know Wizkid doesn’t like stress, but please, what is this look? It feels like he was going for a cross between Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Michael Myers from Halloween, but the mask just ends up looking like a primary school fine arts project with small finesse. 

Level of Creativity: LOL

12. Pretty Boy D.O 

The Ruger vs. BNXN beef has been one of the funniest things to happen this year, and while PrettyBoy DO is funny in this video, all he has is an eyepatch trying to look like Ruger and it’s not giving at all. At least Blaqbonez dyed his hair

Level of creativity: 0.5

11. Ebuka 

I get that the look is inspired by Money Heist, but it’s so boring I can’t deal. Ebuka always kills it when it comes to looks, so disappointment doesn’t even cover how I feel right now looking at his La Casa De Papel: Lekki Branch costume. 

Level of Creativity: 2

10. Mercy Eke 

Girl, this is just a jumpsuit and a nice darling yaki weave. I get she’s trying to channel the late Selena (not to be confused with Selena Gomez, please and thank you), but it just feels very low effort and I know my girl is capable of more. The pictures slap, though. 

Level of creativity: 2

9. Ms DSF 

This French costume is super sexy on DSF, but I feel like somewhere along the line, we’ve forgotten that Halloween costumes are meant to be either scary or based on iconic people. It could be scary sexy or iconic sexy, but just sexy-sexy is a miss. Love the face beat, though. 

Level of creativity: 3

8. Yemi Alade 

Ms Alade, I love you, but is this Storm from X-Men or Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

. You have to pick one because both of them are not the same person. E for effort sha.

Level of creativity: 5

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7. Kaylah Oniwo 

Come through Disney Villain!! While Kaylah Oniwo’s Cruella De Vil look comes off as a modern adaptation of the classic character from 101 Dalmations, she still gives off that old school vibe with the cigarette holder and thin eyebrows. By the way, can we get into the wig? The wig is wigging, dears. 

Level of creativity: 7

6. Toke Makinwa

Now, this is how you pull off a sexy Halloween look. The dress is making a statement, but it’s not taking anything away from her horns, which reminds us that she’s Maleficent from Ikoyi. The make-up also goes hard. TM for the win. 

Level of creativity: 7

5. Stephanie Coker 

I’m sorry, but that big doll from Squid Game still haunts me till this day. Big shoutout to Stephanie Coker for pulling this look off, down to the photoshopped red eyes. Something about dolls and children in horror films makes me very uncomfortable, so having her daughter in this picture takes the creepiness to another level.

Level of creativity:

4. Oddity 

You don’t have to be an anime lover to recognise Naruto from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Working in her signature bald look into her costume, Oddity’s Halloween look is iconic. Quick question from a non-anime-watching Nigerian: Abeg, where is this arrow pointing to? 

Level of creativity: 9

3. Falz 

Anyone who nails the Joker’s terrifying smile is a rockstar in my book and Falz does it well. 

Level of creativity: 9.5

2. Elozonam 

I don’t know who Elozonam is channelling; all I know is that he needs to keep this scary shit away from me. The burn looks so real, I’m actually in serious distress just looking at it. 

Level of creativity: 10

1. Toyin “Tiannah Styling” Lawani

No one can take the best halloween costume crown away from Toyin “Tiannah Styling” Lawani. This woman dresses everyday like it’s Halloween, so I expected nothing less on the real day. 

Level of creativity: 10000. Look at the receipts!

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