From the moment Yemi Alade popped up on our radars in 2010 with the Eldee-assisted single, Fimisile, we all knew she was going to be a problem. Her energy, vocals, and personality have continued to shine through over a decade later, and honestly, we’re here for it. With several albums to her name, the self-proclaimed title of Mama Africa, and a massive container of hits, Yemi Alade is sitting on top of the world. 

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’ve gathered and ranked a list of all her hits.

8. Remind You 

Ever wondered what Yemi Alade would sound like on a slowed-down baby-making Afro R&B record? Well, Remind You answers this question. While we’re used to seeing our Mama Africa give high-energy performances in her songs, this song shows us a softer side and reminds us of the incredible range this woman has. Love it so much. 

7. Ghen Ghen Love 

We’re taking it back to baby Yemi Alade, back when she was giving us emo rock queen lewks with the leather and mohawk. While Johnny has been credited as her breakout hit and rightfully so, there’s no denying what a bop Ghen Ghen Love was. By the way, did anyone else catch the Crazy in Love reference in the music video with the white tank top and denim bum shorts? Crazy to think that years later, Yemi would be on the same album with her fave *holds back tears*

6. Kissing 

Remember when Yemi Alade put on her English lesson teacher hat and decided to teach us how to spell? This was a moment most pleasing to our ears. Songs like Kissing gave us a glimpse into the type of music Yemi was born to make, as she made the evolution from a Nigerian musical darling to an African multilingual rockstar. 

5. Bum Bum 

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the Nigerian music scene, it’s that you can never go wrong when you make a song about people’s bum bums. Mo’Hit struck gold with Booty Call, Timaya had people twerking upside down to Bum Bum, and Niniola reminded us that true dance artistry can be found in the Ibadi. It only makes sense that a Yemi Alade song honouring the same body part would slap as well. It’s simple mathematics. 


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4. Shekere

We’ve mentioned before how this collaboration was written in the stars from the very beginning. Yemi Alade and Angelique Kidjo were a match made in heaven on this song, and it’s no wonder they decided to collaborate again on Dignity. We bought this combo once, and we’ll be buying it for as long as they decide to make sweet music together. 

3. Ferrari 

This song is a musical version of Bobrisky’s “I’m quite expensive. I’m not for everybody, which is normal, do you get?”

But think about it, na. How can you love someone and not buy them a Ferrari? The math is not mathing here. Love is a doing word, so do the do. 

2. Johnny 

When we talk about cultural resets, this song must come up. Ms. Alade had everyone and their mothers singing about infidelity when she decided to drag her lying-ass cheating man, Johnny. We have one question, though: Sis, why are you still looking for Johnny after he embarrassed you on the streets? Do you like embarrassment? Anyway, Johnny is to Yemi Alade what Ojuelegba (not Essence, dears) is to Wizkid — a classic we can never get enough of. 

1. Nagode 

This song has one of the most relatable opening lines of all time: “Person wey hustle suppose to chop. E suppose to pop. E suppose to chill”. Yes, Yemi, tell them! It cannot be work work every day. And no, the two-day weekend is not enough to pop, chill, and still sleep. Nagode reminds us to be grateful for the journey, even though we haven’t gotten to our final destination yet. Points were made! 

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