Nothing unites Nigerians more than the mess that comes with Big Brother Naija (BBNaija). The show hasn’t even been back for a week, and the internet is already in shambles, with ships and stans in full swing. There are two houses this year, and Gen Z housemates, so you know the show will give, and that’s on Sola Sobowale’s left knee. 

With all that’s going on, I’ve put my fake psychology degree to use to tell you the Big Brother Naija: Level Up housemates to look out for and who has a shot at the prize money. 


Bella is already giving me the bad bitch energy that reminds me of some of my chaotic faves like Cee-C and Tacha. You know that female contestant who knows she’s the shit and isn’t scared to put you in your place? Yep, that’s Bella for sure. 

She might not win, but don’t be surprised if you see her in the finale. 


A fine Yoruba man with a British accent? It’s giving red flags galore. This is the kind of guy who’ll break your heart, but you’ll still turn amala for him because he deserves to be pampered. Sheggz might not make it all the way, but if his dance moves are better than Kiddwaya’s, he might leave a good impression. 

By the way, not even up to 24 hours in and Sheggz is already sailing a ship with Bella. What do we call this ship: Shella or Beggz? 


Did somebody shout zazooo, but with an accent? Ladies, gentlemen and non-binaries, let’s say hello to Hermes, who just happens to be in a polyamorous relationship with two women. Yes! Even though Hermes looks like he practises yoga, listens to Jhene Aiko and minds his business, a part of me feels like he’ll bring a lot of drama to the show.

Let’s see. 


Adekunle’s voice can get someone pregnant, no cap. But if I have to listen to one of his long-ass stories one more time, I’ll throw hands. Adekunle already has most of the internet thinking unheavenly thoughts, so I can see Nigerians voting for him. Will he win? Omo, I don’t think so. It’s not by voice, dears. 


Is it a coincidence that the new Black Panther trailer dropped on the same day Allysyn joined the BBNaija house? I believe mercury must be in shuku. Allysyn’s looks caught my attention, but she’s been good vibes since she joined. Her team has also kicked off campaigns in full force. You’d think she was campaigning against one of the grandpas running for president


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A gen z contestant who gives off alté vibes? Inject it! This is the representation we’ve all been fighting for since independence, and now, we have it. Bryan is an upcoming musician, so be prepared to have his music forced down your throat. 

He looks like he has the swag and gragra that’ll take him to the finals. Am I wrong? Well, we’ll have to find out. 


This was Phyna’s fifth time auditioning for BBNaija, so you know this babe means business. In less than 48 hours, Phyna has trapped her housemates with her cooking and become a meme, thanks to this video and this too. 

Phyna seems likeable in a Whitemoney way, so I can see her going all the way. 


It might be too early to say, but I know Khalid’s strategy. You know those candidates who’re so quiet and friendly with everyone they rarely get nominated for eviction? Yes, I have a feeling that’s Khalid. We probably won’t notice him for half of the show, but best believe we’ll all be shocked when he cracks the top ten. 


Remember the Gordon’s-inspired Erica Drama from BBNaija Lockdown? I see something like that happening with Beauty. This babe gives “If you say rubbish, I will insult your entire generation” energy, and I’m living for it. I love people who wake up with vawulence on their mind, and Beauty looks like she’ll bring that level of drama. 


Honestly, I don’t see much of a personality yet. But a married man in the BBNaija house? I know it’s about to get messy. Nigerians will either love him for being faithful like Mike or turn on him like Thin Tall Tony. Which way? Well, we’ll have to see. 

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