Vol 13 | 16-01-2023

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It’s a new week!

I can’t hold my excitement as we enter into January’s 17th week. First, because we’re finally getting into the year, but secondly, and more importantly, because salary week is coming!

But if you see me outside, squeeze $1m into my hand.

The two stories we’re bringing your way today aren’t so similar, but they’re both captivating. For Naira Life, a gifted child was made to study architecture but decided to become an editor instead. She thinks she made the right choice.

On Love Currency, our subject wants to switch back to when her husband earned more than her because most of her salary now goes into family savings, and the responsibility is overwhelming.

In this letter:

  • #NairaLife: Her Parents Chose Architecture. She Chose Music and Writing
  • #LoveCurrency: Married Life in Lagos on a ₦1.3m Monthly Accountant Salary
  • Money Meanings: “Golden Hello”

#NairaLife: Her Parents Chose Architecture. She Chose Music and Writing

Because she could draw, this week’s #NairaLife subject’s parents thought architecture would be a great fit for her.

In university, she joined the press and media team and, from there, launched her editor career. Now, she’s a musician, looking to start her fashion line.

Read Her Story Here

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Married Life in Lagos on a ₦1.3m Monthly Accountant Salary

When Titilayo* met Edwin* in 2015, she was fresh out of NYSC and splurging her salary on clothes. But since they married in 2019, she’s become obsessed with saving. In this article, she tells Zikoko how she’s surviving on only ₦300k out of her ₦1.3m monthly salary while earning more than her partner.

An excerpt: Because Edwin earns ₦880k, the pay gap is pretty obvious. Whenever I complain about him not chipping in with the feeding, he reminds me that he pays for most of the recurring expenses. He also gets upset when he thinks I’m splurging because I don’t have to pay bills. Sometimes, I wish we could switch to when he earned more.

How Do They Navigate Money?

Money Meanings

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