Salary week is upon us and you’re probably checking your phone every minute, waiting for the credit alert to drop. But the most heartbreaking thing is when your employer serves you breakfast by not paying on the due date. If you’ve been there before, you can probably relate to these feelings.

You think it’s just a mistake

You convince yourself that it’s your bank playing mind games with you, like they always do. Because who hasn’t received money in their account only to see the alert three market days later? So you keep refreshing your bank app, hoping the balance changes.

You start asking other people questions

You have finally admitted to yourself that this is more than meets the eye. Your bank simply cannot be at fault anymore. So you start making small talk with your co-workers, ending with, “You don see anything?” only to get your hopes dashed once again when they too haven’t received it.

You have flashbacks to when you had money

You finally realise what’s going on and admit it to yourself — money is not coming today. All of a sudden, you feel a sharp pain in your chest remembering all the money you spent just last week, thinking you were getting something huge very soon.

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You start managing money aggressively

This is when the Marty Byrde in you jumps out. You start calculating all the things you can achieve with your last ₦1k. If you’ve already spent it, then this is when you start borrowing money to stay alive. 

You start making false promises

You promise yourself you’ll get better at managing your money. You tell God all you need is one last chance. But deep down, you know you’re lying.

Salary finally drops and you forget everything you went through

You finally get that alert and you’re bougie again. All of a sudden, those promises you made to heaven and earth are forgotten…until this time next month.

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