Every week, Zikoko seeks to understand how people move the Naira in and out of their lives. Some stories will be struggle-ish, others will be bougie. All the time, it’ll be revealing.

As we anticipate the 100th episode of the Nairalife series, here are 10 must-read episodes from the series:

1) The Firstborn Who’s Playing Breadwinner On A ₦104k/month Salary

I like this story for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a story about the dark underbelly of city life. I also like it because the #NairaLife before it was about a designer. Except that the previous designer was earning 10 times more than this designer was earning. When you read these stories side by side, it’s an early #Nairalife lesson for me in how a ton of factors, beyond talent, drive success.

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2) The Housewife Living Her Best Life With Zero Salary

This housewife shook the internet. Why? She tried everything. 9-5’s, entrepreneurship, and you know what she chose? To be a housewife. What exactly is ambition?

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3) The Hustler Staying Hopeful At ₦25k/month

The suffering in this one is immense. This guy literally trailed off whatever path he’d dreamed for himself. I can’t stop thinking about that one exam he couldn’t pay for…

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4) Still Fighting For Her Future at ₦60k/month

Marriage can come at a steep cost for women, and no Nairalife epitomises this more than any. Shortly after the marriage, she got pregnant. And then everything changed.

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5) Bills? Over ₦6 Million/Year. Income? She Has No Clue

This was such a wholesome conversation for me. But it was a very valuable moment of inflection for the subject. It helps that it was hilarious too.

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6) This 70-year-old Woman Sacrificed Every Kobo For One Goal

I really enjoyed this one because it was the first #Nairalife peek into the 70s and 80s. This woman went through it. She remains the oldest subject of Nairalife till date.

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7) The Student Who Went From ₦3k/month To ₦1 Million

Some #NairaLife stories mess up your insides. But some of them fill you with hope. This story of how one skill transformed the life of a student and his family will forever be close to my heart.

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8) The #NairaLife Of The Woman Who Went From Maid To Magnate

This is my favourite NairaLife outlier story. It doesn’t get more extreme than going from maid to magnate.

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9) #NairaLife: How Did She Grow Her Income By Almost 600%? Language

This is another outlier story that I really love. There’s time, chance, and a wild income jump!

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10) The #Nairalife Of A Depression

It’s common to hear people talk about “Oh, go to therapy.” This Nairalife is about what it’d look like if people went to therapy. Frankly, the subject of this Nairalife even got lucky.

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