You see this life ehn, the thing can be unpredictable sometimes.


One moment you’re financially stable, with a lot of disposable income. The next moment, circumstances spiral out of your control and unplanned expenses appear out of thin air, leaving you wondering why your village people suddenly have your time.


And then you’re left unable to do the things you genuinely need to do. Things like:

Pay Bills

Electricity, water, phone, data, gas etc. All essentials you need to properly function.

Secure new equipment for your business.

Whatever equipment your business might need e.g. computers, grinders, tractors etc.

Getting a car to finally start that cab service hustle.

Because a  little extra money every month never hurt anyone.

Make repairs around your house.

Because you’re tired of setting a bucket under that patch of leaky roof in your apartment and then having to frantically rush back home every few hours so the bucket doesn’t overflow and flood your room.

Go to the hospital

Your biggest prayer now is to not fall ill. Because if you do, you have no choice but to wait the illness out while hoping to God it’s not something serious.

Pay school fees

School fees are pretty pricey these days and they have to be paid on time to avoid embarrassment.

Pay rent

Rent is due and your landlord has given you so many warnings (you’ve ignored) that you wouldn’t be surprised if the next one comes via aeroplane banner.



Now that we’ve gone over all the things you desperately need money for, let’s talk about a way you can solve your problems.


You could get a loan.


I know. You’ve heard that loans are difficult to get. But with Renmoney, you get to avoid all that stress.


Renmoney is a fintech lending company that operates under a microfinance banking license in Lagos and provides loans to individuals and small businesses. They offer loans of up to N4,000,000 with a flexible repayment pattern for new and existing customers.


And the best part? Getting loans from them is super easy because collateral isn’t required!


Oh, yes way. 


Click here to get started.


Don’t say we never we never did anything for you.



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