Starting new jobs can be scary. There you are, excited about landing your dream job, and suddenly you remember the important questions: will your boss have sense? Is there an affordable buka close to your job?

And probably the most critical question of all: how do you make a great first impression and prove to your bosses and colleagues that hiring you wasn’t a mistake? These tips will help you.

Don’t smile too much

There’s a big difference between a polite smile and a Kanayo O. Kanayo smile. Don’t come across as a ritualist, please.

Let them know you’re not here to play

When it’s time for handshakes, shake everyone for at least 5 minutes so they can tell you’re here for business.

Own a MacBook

Ever wondered why tech founders carry Macbooks everywhere? It’s because they immediately give you “big player” vibes. Get with the times.

Borrow an accent

Get a British or American accent and stick with it. Don’t go mixing them up sha o, so you don’t spoil your street cred.

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Stalk your colleagues before-hand

So you can wow them with your knowledge of their personal lives when you get introduced to them. Some may say it’s creepy, we say it’s thinking out of the box.

Wear a power suit

If you’re resuming work remotely, make sure to turn on your video during meetings so they can see that you’re dressed how you’d like to be addressed — a boss.

Buy food for everyone

If you disregard everything else on this list, pay attention to this one. Quick secret, food is the only sure way to everyone’s heart. They can’t help but love you.

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