Rumour has it that Nigerian bosses are a special breed. When they’re not stressing your life expecting you to join team TikTok videos, they’re actually expecting you to work. Imagine a whole bad bitch/hard guy like you having to work for another person to make a living. Ew. 

Sometimes though, your Nigerian boss is completely clueless and that’s just a different headache. If your boss does at least three things in this list, they’re obviously just winging it. Call them out today. 

They’re never wrong

Pure water will go back to ₦5 before your boss agrees to take the blame for their obvious mistakes.

They have an accent

Do we really need to tell you that they’re just using fine English to cover up for the fact that they don’t know anything?

They take credit for your work

They know you’re the reason the CEO is clapping for your team but will they talk? You guessed it —No!

You start to do their work

When your boss starts asking you to teach them how to save a file as a PDF, just know they’re absolutely clueless. 

They use a MacBook

See, the only reason your boss uses a MacBook is so that they can look serious. If you look at their laptop screen, it’s Netflix they’re watching 100% of the time. Don’t believe us? Next time you see your MacBook-using boss, run up to them and snatch their laptop before they can switch tabs. You’ll be shocked by what you see. 

Their head do usually touch

They’re the overall best in setting rules that do more harm than good and will eventually blame you when things go wrong.

Your office has a relaxation lounge

Relaxation lounge? Sorry, did you come here to play? Only someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing will create a place for work and then add a place for playing. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but is your name Jack?

They know everything (and nothing)

You might as well try talking to your fan. It’s more likely to listen than your boss.

They actually ask for your opinion

You mean to tell me your boss listens to you and asks for your opinion? Clueless!

Honourable mention – You call them by their name

A whole boss? Asking you to call them by their first name? Please, please, let’s be serious. Someone who has worked hard to get to where they are is asking you to call them by their name and you think that’s normal? Never. If you’re not calling your boss “Oga sir/madam”, “My leader” “My sponsor” or “My daily bread provider”, then that boss obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing. 

Our advice for you? Drop them like hot potato!

Well unless they’re paying you in dollars, in which case, link us up.

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