If you struggle to save money in Tinubu’s Nigeria, you’re not alone. Prices of everything have doubled since the president delivered on his promise to remove fuel subsidy. However, living in these Tinubu times isn’t an excuse to go haywire on your already limited funds. We’ve compiled some brilliant money-saving tips that’ll take you from “God,abeg” to “God, I’m trusting the process.” 

Stay inside

13 Brilliant Money-Saving Tips in These Tinubu Times

Staying indoors used to be cheaper, but even that is no longer a guarantee these days. However, chances are staying inside will still help you avoid unnecessary billings and impulsive buying. If it costs N10k to go outside, you’ll spend half of that inside. 

Embrace thrift

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the “Na mumu dey go boutique” mantra, now is the time to fix up. There’s no better money-saving tip right now, especially when it comes to changing your wardrobe. And it’s not just your wardrobe; there are also thrift options for electronics and furniture these days. 

Track your spending

It’s not enough to keep tabs on your debit and credit alerts. You should make a conscious effort to note the things you spend money on monthly. This way, you can make projections about your monthly expenses and notice the red flags when things don’t add up.

Find the juicy data offerings

13 Brilliant Money-Saving Tips in These Tinubu Times

There’s been an uptick in remote work since the COVID era, meaning Nigerians now spend more on data. Subscribing isn’t enough: track your daily and monthly data usage. It’s also important to take note of the bonuses and special offers by internet service providers. For example, some providers double data allocation when you subscribe at certain periods.

Go easy on the ride-hailing services

It’s convenient to pull up to your location in the comfort of a private car, but that can also do some serious damage to your account. Find a balance that works. Shared rides, staff buses and campus shuttles are also convenient options that won’t cost as much. A Danfo bus here and a keke marwa there. Take every ride as an adventure.

Find a side hustle

13 Brilliant Money-Saving Tips in These Tinubu Times

This isn’t breaking news, but if you’ve not been paying attention, now is the time to sit up. Your 9-5 is not an excuse. You might want to learn a thing or two from our mummies and daddies in the ministries who run their empires whilst serving the government. You can start by selling chin-chin during lunch hours.

Pack your lunch

Food ordering apps will tempt you to ditch cooking, but that’s the fastest way to financial destruction in these Tinubu times. One brilliant money-saving tip: pack your lunch from home and use the microwave at work. 

Learn about finance

13 Brilliant Money-Saving Tips in These Tinubu Times

It’s important to know money if you want to save and grow money. Register for financial literacy classes and read books that will help you understand how money moves.

Find interest-bearing accounts

Many banking and finance apps offer up to 10% interest on savings. Explore these options; don’t let your money stay dormant in your account. You can cash out your interest on a monthly basis or wait till it accumulates to a juicy figure.

Invest in inverters

13 Brilliant Money-Saving Tips in These Tinubu Times

Electricity supply has improved these days but PHCN isn’t smiling, and fuel seems to be the new gold. Invest in inverters or solar panels as alternative means of power supply.

Review subscriptions

13 Brilliant Money-Saving Tips in These Tinubu Times

Why are you paying for cable TV when you have an active Netflix subscription? It’s not a smart money move. You’ll save more money if you stick with one.

Have a budget

13 Brilliant Money-Saving Tips in These Tinubu Times

It could be daily or monthly. Some bank and finance apps have features that let you set a daily spending limit. This helps you stay disciplined and keep to your budget. It’s among the brilliant money-saving tips you should stick to religiously.

Drink water

Because who wants to carry already limited resources to the hospital in these harsh economic times? Also, you’ll get clear skin and won’t have to worry about dealing with hangovers or hefty bills. It’s a win-win, really.

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