You know the feeling of setting a savings goal and with ginger you actually start to save, only for you to somehow sha break into it before you even reach halfway through your goal timeline? We can totally relate, so we’ve decided to create a list of some of our saving struggles.

Money? What’s that?

How do you take something out of nothing? Don’t angry me, please! *crying in unemployment*

How much am I even earning?

Man never chop finish, you’re talking about saving. I can see you don’t have my best interests at heart.

Automated payments

“Baba God, tell me I’m dreaming. These people have removed my last change. Who sent you? Who sent you?!”

Have you seen the price of garri in the market?

It’s like you don’t know what is happening in the country. You can’t even price anyhow anymore. Just leave me to be managing my life.


How will I buy food if I keep saving? Please let me enjoy; life is one.


Ordinary small breeze will blow and all your data will finish. Oh, well. *buys more data*

I got 99 problems but saving ain’t one

And on the other end of the spectrum, we have the non-savers. “What is saving, please? Don’t insult my personality. I just keep making this schmoney! Call me OBO.”

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