So, you just got a new job — or you’re considering accepting one — and you’re happy to finally get something to cushion the effects of poverty. Don’t get too excited. You need to watch out for these signs.

The office is at Ikeja

Ikeja is like the epicentre of Lagos hustle and scam activities. Remember Computer village and those fake job interview invites? Do we need to explain further?

HR is too motivational

“We’re all one big family here” or “We’re all rockstars”. Run for your life.

They have a banging social media page

You’d be trying to complete your one million deliverables when Oga sends a memo that every staff member should report to the conference room to do TikTok video. What if I don’t want to dance?

The office has a recreation area

They have a gaming area, and you aren’t scared? They’re indirectly telling you they’ll give you headaches that’ll make you avoid reality.

Office is at Lagos Island

They use fine office and aesthetics to cover up for the fact that they’re about to suck your blood.

You have too many Gen Z co-workers

Your biggest headache with them may be deciphering all the slang they use every day. Who sent you work?

Your co-workers are old people

These ones are just typical Nigerian parents raised to power infinity.

You don’t have a clear job description

If they say they want someone who can “hit the ground running” and “make things happen,” they want to stress you.

Your coworkers are too happy

It’s giving “smile through the pain”. Don’t fall for it.

They’re sad

This one is self-explanatory. Carry your mental health and run away.

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