Nigerian mothers are always complaining about their sons not getting married on time, so we’ve decided to ask young Nigerian men how old they think the right age for marriage should be. 

“I’m ready, but I’m not ready.”

— Cephas, 23 

I’ve been in this relationship for about four years now, and I’ve always been sure she’s the one I want to marry. If it were up to me and I wasn’t considering the reactions of society, I could marry tomorrow. There’s been pressure on me from my family and friends to marry too. I’m also nearing financial stability in some way. But honestly, marrying this young as a man feels weird. Me, I want to, but tell me, have you ever seen a 23-year-old guy in Nigeria get married? I’m thinking 25 makes more sense. I think I’m ready mentally and emotionally, and almost ready financially. But it’s just the age that’s a bit weird to me.

“I have a lot of shit to try.”

— Komi, 23 

Let’s say between 28 and 30. I feel like that would be the point in my life where I would be at my most financially stable. I also want to explore my sexuality with stuff like BDSM and role play, make questionable life choices, and do all the necessary years of therapy to a point where I feel fully comfortable being a husband and father. I’m not getting married until I do these things.

“30 is too much pressure.”

— Teslim, 22

There’ll be too much pressure on me to get married when I turn 30, so I’m targeting 27 or 28. Also, I don’t want to be raising kids as an old man. Let me start young, please. 

“Once I have enough money to feed myself and four other people, it’s time.”

— Pablo, 22

I want to marry before I turn 25 because I want to start my family very early. I’m not the type of person that wants to use their youth to chop life first before I marry. It’s just not me. The only reason I’m not even married right now is that I’m still hustling. If something clicks for me and I get financially stable next year, it’s time for marriage, I promise you. 

“My plan used to be 28, but omo.”

— David, 25 

28 is in like three years. Ah, financially and otherwise, that doesn’t seem likely anymore o. I’m now optimising for 30. It feels like that’s when people get in the phase of their lives when they’re no longer hustling for a career or money. I feel like I’d be more settled then. Also, my parents got married at 30. I’ll just follow their footsteps and assume they know something I don’t.

“I’ll be 24 in six years. Seems doable.”

— Kenny, 18 

Honestly, I just don’t want to be old with really young kids to worry about. And I want to have a daughter. It’ll make me so happy.

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