If you’re used to poking your nose in Nigerian men’s businesses and asking about their marriage plans, you’ve probably heard something like, “Omo, I don’t have money yet o.” Or, “I’m looking for money first.” But what is “money” to these men? 

Well, these five Nigerian men tell us how much money they need to have before they can think of marriage. 

1. “If I don’t have $500k in investments, no marriage for me.”

— Seriki*, 23

At this point, I’m not sure I want to get married because I don’t trust women. However, if someone gets my mumu button, I’m going to have to go all the way for her. I’m a content writer and I currently earn ₦930k monthly. Before I get married, I have to be earning at least $5,000 monthly. I also have to have my own house, at least one car, and at least $10k in savings.

My crypto and other investments need to be at about $500k. 

I need to be able to treat my wife like the queen she is. I want to get her anything she wants and fly her wherever. If she gets pregnant, I want to stop working for those nine months and just be there with her. You need a big bank for things like this, and I think I’m going to be able to achieve these goals in seven to ten years.

2. “Let me japa first.”

— Wale* , 28

I currently earn ₦400k as a product manager, but before I think of marriage, I want to japa. That’s my immediate goal for this year. I have a babe I’m talking to, but she’s currently in Canada. When I go and meet her, we can think about marriage. I don’t have any specific figures for how much I need to be earning or how much I need to have in savings or investments. I just know that I need to look at my career and be sure I have a five-year projection set. If I’m earning ₦400k now, I should be doing better numbers very soon. Maybe I’ll get married in two years. By then, I should be able to take care of my family. 

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3. “If I have my own house and I make ₦1.5m, I can marry.”

— Thanos*, 22

I hate the concept of rent, so the major financial benchmark for me before getting married is that I need to have my own house. Apart from that, I need to be earning at least ₦1.5m because Nigeria is hard and taking care of a family is expensive, although I want my wife to match my salary, and I don’t want kids. For the money part, I think I can achieve it in two to five years if I take myself seriously. For the house, omo, the easiest way I can get a house is if my parents give me one of their houses. But right now, they’re in the phase where they’re trying to make me independent and learn some life lessons. Excuse me sir, I don’t want to learn lessons through hardship. I want a soft life, please. 

If they eventually don’t give me a house, I believe I can get a house myself in five years. Unrealistic, yeah. But I like setting unrealistic goals so I can at least hit somewhere close to it, if not the goal exactly.

4. “Omo, consistent ₦300k is enough for me.”

— Manny*, 27

If I make ₦300k consistently for a year, I’ll get married. Right now, on a very good month, I make ₦200k as a freelance video editor. If that increases to ₦300k and I start some side businesses, I can get married. 

5. “I can get married on my current ₦500k salary.”

— Pemi*, 32

I can get married on my current salary — ₦500k. My girlfriend makes money too. I believe my salary is going to increase really well in the next couple of years, so yeah, marriage is probably not that far for me. I’ve been thinking about it. Maybe I’ll pop the question soon, who knows? I have a car, and while I still stay with my parents, I have about ₦3m in savings. I’m sure my babe and I can contribute money to rent an apartment and furnish it. 

*Names have been changed for anonymity.

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