I am personally very fascinated by the sugar baby and sugar parent relationship business model. I have read and also written several stories exploring it but typically from the perspective of the sugar baby. Prompted by a conversation with Zikoko’s editor-in-chief, I decided to start reaching out to the sugar babies I knew and asked them to put me in touch with the sugar daddies they knew so I could speak to them for this article. It took a minute but I was able to talk to four of them. Here is the story.

Andrew, 39, International Businessman.

I like very pretty girls who put in the effort with their appearance, the type who spend hours at the saloon, shopping etc. I like funding that lifestyle. My wife is the same way, so are all my girlfriends. The first time I had a sugar baby was about a year into my marriage. I met her at a wedding I attended with my wife and her beauty was blinding. I immediately found a way to slip her my number. We started talking after a while then it took off from there. I have about two girlfriends at any given time. The longest I have been with someone who isn’t my wife is two years, after that, I just find something else to excite me. I can fund it because I earn a pretty amount and in pounds. There’s almost nothing they want to ask for that I can’t afford. The most I have ever spent on a woman who isn’t my wife at once is ₦3 million.

Dele, 40, Managing Director.

I like women that make my head turn. I don’t get involved with people I work with at all, I keep it professional, I also don’t get involved with anyone my wife knows or might know. Events, house parties, and stuff like that are where I meet people. Because I tend to carry women I date to events, I need them to look classy and expensive before I even meet them. The longest I have been with someone who isn’t my wife is five years. She is like my main side chick and I have toyed with the idea of marrying her. I don’t have a reason why I do it to be honest, I just do. The most I have ever spent on a woman who isn’t my wife is the most I spent to lease my main side chick’s apartment in Abuja. Something in between ₦10 million and ₦15 million. 

David, 34, Producer.

I have never looked for a sugar baby, to be honest. I don’t have a type but now and then, I meet someone that I can’t just let go of. I’ve been married for three years and I have had two sugar babies. The first person was a babe that I met during a burial. She was so magnetic. I haven’t been with any of my ‘sugar babies’ for longer than six months. I get bored easily, I think that’s why I regret getting married. Anyways, the most I have spent on a sugar baby is the money I spent buying a Macbook which cost about ₦600,000.  

Tobi, 42, Contractor.

My wife and I kinda lost the spark after a while. So I did the next logical thing and decided to find it outside. The thing is when you are an older man especially a wealthy one, people don’t view you as possibly wanting anything romantic. They see it as transactional. I try to forget that the reason I am even able to speak to them, the reason they are talking to me is because of the money. I have met some intelligent women through it all so there’s that. I don’t necessarily look for anything specific but I like women who wow me. The most I have ever spent on a woman is equal to ₦800,000.

  • Names have been changed for the sake of anonymity.


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