Getting a university degree is still one of those things that many Nigerian students aspire to do. Today, in order to determine the best university in Nigeria, we have made a Ranked list of the top 5 Nigerian universities. Note that we have consulted several Nigerian university ranking bodies to inform our decision. 

5. University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Best University In Nigeria

Founded by Dr Nnamdi Azikwe in 1955, the University of Nigeria did not formally open till the 7th of October 1960. UNN has the distinction of being the first autonomous university within the country which made it easy for it to secure a position in the country’s educational history. 

4. Covenant University

Best University In Nigeria

In any conversation about the best universities in Nigeria, as well as the best private universities, Covenant University is bound to be mentioned multiple times. The university was established in the year 2000 and became functional in 2002 when it was presented with an operating license certificate. The private pentecostal university has risen fast and has built a sterling reputation as a powerhouse that churns out outstanding alumni. It has also been named by the Nigerian University Commission as the best private university in Nigeria – in their 2018 ranking – as well as the sixth-best university overall.

3. University of Lagos

In the five decades that it has been in operation, the University of Lagos has garnered a reputation that fuels its nickname as the university of the first choice. It has become the dream university for many Nigerians. Founded in 1962, the University of Lagos has one the widest ranges of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Nigeria as well as an alumni group that includes some of the most influential Nigerians.

2. Lagos State University

Lagos State University has the distinction of being the only state-owned university in the state of Lagos. The University was established in 1983 and has since become one of the most popular and prestigious public universities in the country.

1. University of Ibadan

When the University of Ibadan was established in 1947, it was a college under the University of London. It eventually became an independent university in 1962 and has since evolved into one of the most instantly recognizable and respected educational institutions not just in Nigeria but West Africa, easily making the top two, and definitely not number two, in any ranking of Nigerian universities.


best university in Nigeria



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