I need all Nigerian men to be more experimental when it comes to dying their hair. Instead of always blonde or light brown, try these hair colours listed below. 

Nigeria green

They say charity begins at home, abi? That’s a good enough reason to dye your hair green. This is a chance to confidently represent Nigeria. Although, with the way this country is going, there’s not much to represent. So maybe dye your hair the colour of money, green, to show that money is entering your account. 

All the colours of the rainbow 

Why do one colour when you can do seven? Plus, it’s a great way to show you’re an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. And you’re being creative and adventurous. Take risks and try this.

Toilet roll  white 

I specifically said toilet roll  white, so you know the exact type of white I’m talking about; clean, plain white. A lot of men tend to underestimate how sexy white hair can look on them. Besides, for those who have a few white strands here and there, this is a chance to go all out and just dye everything. 

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Bubblegum pink 

Yes, Nigerian men dye their hair pink, but not bubblegum pink. The type that’ll make people notice you from across the room. If you’re trying to catch the eye of your crush, use this colour. They’ll notice you immediately. Take it from me. 

Fanta orange 

Speaking of being noticed from across the room, this is another colour to try. Fanta represents enthusiasm and excitement. This is a way to tell people you’re fun and the life of the party.

Laptop grey 

There’s a difference between white and grey hair dye. Grey is a lot more subtle. Try this if you don’t want something too daring, and especially if you’re wearing a three-piece suit. I guarantee that people will be in awe of how stunning you look.

Red and black 

When you’re trying out this colour combination, please make sure you’re not living in your Nigerian parents’ house. Because they’ll immediately think you’ve joined some kind of cult. 


Turquoise is such a gorgeous sexy colour that’ll look so great on dark-skinned men especially. If there’s any colour you should try on this list, it’s this one, or at least, start with this one. I feel like your skin glows with this colour.


Purple isn’t so bold.  So you can try it when you want to do something unique with your hair but don’t want to stand out too much.

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