In secondary school and university, the one thing people always used to insult me about was that my hair stayed the same level no matter how long I kept it. But these days, when my friends see me, they wonder how my hair managed to grow.

How did I do it?

I just asked around and read stuff online. And forced my babe to buy products for me. 

Here’s some stuff you can do to make your hair grow longer, and we’re not even capping. 

First of all, know that your hair grows

Except you’re completely bald or balding, you should know that your hair actually grows. It may seem slow or stagnant, but that’s just because it’s breaking all the damn time. It’s not the witches in your village, bro. It’s you. Hair needs moisture to grow. 

Dryness causes breakage

If you want to keep the growth, it’s a crime to let your hair ever stay dry. Use a leave-in conditioner all the time. No, they’re not expensive. You’re just not ready to grow your hair. When you’re ready, you’ll get products for your hair.  

Stop letting your hair tangle

When your hair tangles and you have to comb it out with the force of a thousand angry igbo women, it breaks. If you have coconut head, and you still let it tangle, comb it out with care — make sure it’s wet and soft before you start.

Make your hair

This one is very important. Always put your hair in protective styles. Your hair is probably long enough to make something, or use attachment if you have to. Making your hair helps retain moisture, avoid breakage and stretch your hair out. If your mum won’t let you, cut her off. 

Invest in hair products

Keep your hair made for a couple of weeks, and use your moisturising products while it’s braided. When you take out the braids, shampoo and condition it thoroughly. You’ll need to get a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, scalp treatment, spray bottle and some oils. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and some essential oils too. Bro, just walk into a hair care shop. None of that vaseline shit, please. And learn to use them right.

Don’t wash your hair every day

Washing your hair every day is just you washing out the products and some of your scalp’s natural oil. Be calming down.

Drink water, and eat well

You know the water you were going to use to wash your hair every day, drink it instead. Drinking water helps your hair grow. Drinking water does everything, to be honest. Just drink water. Also, a good diet helps your hair grow faster. If you have money to buy vitamins, no wam.

Sleep with a durag

When rappers in the 90s were wearing durags everywhere, you thought they were crazy. The next time you put your moisturised hair on a pillow just like that, I hope someone wipes your neck with a USB cord. That’s how your hair becomes dry, and you get pimples. Always wear something on your head before you sleep. 

Massage your scalp

For about 10 minutes every day, just massage your scalp. It helps blood flow. I’d have said you should tell someone to help you, but you’re lonely, LMAO. 

Ask people for help

No, but for real, if you need advice on products and best practices to use, don’t be afraid to ask the natural hair baddies around you. They’re always ready to help.

Follow a routine

Washing, conditioning, braiding, moisturising, etc. You should have a simple daily routine for all these things. As Blaqbonez said, consistency is the best thing. 

Don’t use harsh products

Some dyes, relaxers and hair creams are bad for your hair. Once you try a product, and you notice it makes your hair dry out or feel weird, stop using it. 

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