Men, let’s take it back to when we were around five years old. Just little boys whose lives revolved around running around with our mates. Nothing more to do beyond homework, eating and being ring bearers for our older siblings, family friends or even our own parents.

If the memory is too blurry, let’s jug it for you.

Your parents come home with the wedding news

Your relative called to say they’re getting married in three months. And just like that, wedding prep starts.

Then the couple visits your house

They come with their wedding IV in hand to officially invite your family. They tease you and ask how old you are before humbly informing your parents you’ll be their ring bearer — without consulting you first.

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Suit and tie this; aso-ebi that

You overhear talks with your parents about the suit material and what it’d cost. This is the time to decide if they have to get you a new one or just make you wear the one your brother used as a ring bearer three years before.


The couple comes to teach you what to do on the wedding day: “Walk to the pulpit and present the ring to the pastor. Simple as ABC.”

The anticipation begins

You enjoyed the little routine you were taught and are so excited to be the latest ring bearer in town.

The wedding day

The day has finally come. You’re dressed up in your oversized coat and feeling yourself. The bride and groom are standing in front of the congregation, and it’s time for you to present the ring to the ministering pastor.

Photoshoot time

Your mum wipes off the Jollof rice that spilled on your suit. Next, you’re forming a “big boy” because you don’t want to hold the little bride’s hand for a photo.

In too short a time…

You’ve grown up, and they told you you’re too old to be a ring bearer.

The year is 2023

Now, you’re doing best man every Saturday. Wow, life really does come at you fast.

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