Last week came with so many controversial happenings that we can’t be more sure it’ll be impossible to get men to keep quiet about the following:

Arsenal and their big EPL dreams

Being a Gunner is painful; steady hoping but never actually winning. They actually thought they’d grab the English Premier League (EPL) title and end the season as champions. Hey Siri, play ”Vivid Imagination” by KWAM1.

Lakers and the legend of Lebron James

Imagine being an Arsenal and LA Lakers fan. Lakers supporters hoped Lebron would save them, but they lost to the Nuggets. Now 0-3 down, they’re still saying, “Lakers in 7”. Let it go, bro.


SportyBet Woes

“My ticket don cut again” bros won’t stop talking about how last weekend games and SportyBet stopped them from becoming overnight millionaires. Worse still, they wanted to bet one thousand naira to cashout two million naira. What are the odds?

Zikoko Memes

The Agbado Boys

Twitter for politics is filled with men who constantly analyse the president-elect’s forthcoming swear-in and hand-over ceremonies. Then there are ones threatening Nigerians not to go near Eagle Square. God, ABEG.

Zikoko Memes

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“Where’s the love?”

Every other day, there’s someone subbing women on public forums. We don’t have much to say about this, but aren’t you the ones that don‘t talk to your babes for two days? 

Zikoko Memes

“Na man dey do man”

These are the ones who are always crying about how rich tech-bros and sugar daddies have taken all the babes from them.

Zikoko Memes

Nigerian men don’t cheat

Nigerian men who are trying to beat the “all men cheat” allegations suffered a huge setback since 2Baba’s appearance on Young, Famous and African season two. Doesn’t look like we’ll ever beat the allegations.

Zikoko Memes

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