Nigerian men have bad PR. But on a good day, they’re mad actually romantics who are three steps ahead of Shakespeare.

And if you beat the father of romance at his game, you’re the smoothest operator.

Zikoko Memes

And here’s exactly why we think Shakespeare isn’t worth his overhyped salt next to Nigerian men.

Love letters in 1574 English is romantic until thou overdoest


You’re not a ghost from the Renaissance period, so why can’t you talk like a regular guy?

Zikoko Memes

Uncomplicated love confessions for the win

You don’t have to be dramatic. Just play a few Ajebutter22 songs for inspiration, and learn something from the King of Parole.

It’s not only by words

Please, pocket your sonnet 116 and send money. It’s more impressive.

Zikoko Memes

Buy your babe her favourite meals

It’s not just the way to a man’s heart.

Nigerian babes love food too.

Zikoko Meme

Sponsor her enjoyment too

Zikoko Memes

We know for a fact your hot babe will be at the hottest babes party of the year. So pay for her HERtitude 2023 tickets here.

Never duel for love

Combating other men for a woman’s heart isn’t what our own ancestors taught us. How is it romance if you leave her in eternal grief? A Nigerian guy knows better.

Zikoko Memes

No art is free

If Shakespeare was a Nigerian man, he’d be a freelancer writing Valentine poems for couples and collecting money. He already writes; why not cash out from it? And what’s more romantic than a Nigerian man with money?

Zikoko Memes

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