The Ups And Downs Of Listening To Music In Public

December 2, 2016

1. When someone tries to start talking you inside danfo and you can just put your earphones in and block them out.

2. When your nosy neighbour on a danfo asks if they can use one ear of your earphones so they can also “groove”.

3. When you can ignore the bus preacher courtesy your music.

4. When your jam comes on and you forget yourself and start dancing on the main road.

5. When you think your earphones are in and start blasting music by mistake.

6. When you get carried away singing along to your music and subject people to your terrible voice.

7. When you are in charge of the office playlist and people start insulting your taste in music.

8. When your earphones cut and you don’t have money for another pair.

9. When you’ve been enjoying your music and haven’t achieved anything in the office.


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