The Tale Of A Confused Nigerian Music Video

December 1, 2016

1. When the music video starts and you hear “You know what it is! It’s your boy”.

Sorry sir, we don’t know oh! Who are you?

2. When the musician starts talking at the beginning of the video in one fake Americana accent.

From where to where oh?

3. Regardless of the subject matter of the song the video is full of girls shaking their bodies.

Is it by force to do jiggi-jiggi music video?

4. When the artist is wearing leather jacket and hoodies inside Nigerian heat.

“Sorry! Excuse us sir, who are you deceiving?”

5. When all the love interests are light skinned girls.

Wow! What a coincidence!

6. When you see Lekki-Ikoyi bridge for the one millionth time.

Is this the only bridge in the whole of Nigeria.

7. When the video has a Nollywood “glory be to God” style ending.

Na wa for jagga jagga storytelling.

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