13 Pictures Nigerians Who Grew Up Playing Ludo Will Remember

June 9, 2016

1. When someone wants to play ludo with just one die.

Are we joking here?

2. When there are only 2 players so each of you has to handle 2 homes.


3. Your face, when they try to make you play with either yellow or green.

Tueh! Red or blue or nothing, biko.

4. When the game is almost over and you’re still struggling to get your first six.

Am I cursed?

5. The joy that fills your heart when you see this:


6. How you look at your friend when they land on you and send you back home:

Later you will say we are guys.

7. When the person that shakes and blows the dice the most still doesn’t get double six.

E go pain you die.

8. The pain you feel, when you’re already here and someone lands on you:


9. How you feel when you get double six twice in a row:

As a boss.

10. You, wondering whether to bring out a new seed or keep moving when you get a six.

The toughest choice.

11. When you’re about to cheat and they catch you.


12. When you get to this position and you have to get double one to enter.

The worst.

13. How you feel when your last seed finally enters.


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