Nigerian Conversation Starters You’ve Probably Already Heard Today

July 28, 2016

1. “So you can’t greet!”

Nigerians act like the sun rises and sets by you greeting them first.

2. “Na wa for this our government sha!”

Once you mention this, people will begin to talk about their latest escapades!

3. “Essss fine girl!”

For some men, the best way to start conversation is to kiss their lips at you and shout. We’re yet to see who that has worked for.

4. “Abeg do you have change?”

No one that needs change ever has it; and it has started many a conversation.

5. “Ehen oh good morning oh!”

That “ehen” is an indication that there is more conversation coming after the greeting.

6. “Please oh, don’t be angry but …”

This usually comes right before a rude statement that will provoke you.

7. “Everything in the market has now cost!”

Nothing makes conversation flow like complaining about the economy going to hell in a hand basket.

8. “This sun/rain/harmattan na wa oh!”

Just like  English people, gisting about how hot, cold, rainy or dusty it is, will get people talking.

9. “My brother/sister how are you today?”

Whether or not you are related to them is unimportant. Talk-talk is about to commence!

10. “What is Buhari even doing gan sef?”

He is fighting kwarupshin and travelling oh!

11. Any newspaper headline in sight!

Especially when it has to do with corruption cases!

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