Fights We Know You’ve Had With Your Siblings

August 17, 2016

1. The battle for control of the TV remote.

Every single day!

2. Arguments over the household chores.

“But I washed plates this morning and afternoon. No it’s your turn!”

3. When you have to agree on who sits at the front of the car.

“I can’t hear your insults. I’m too busy enjoying my front seat.”

4. Arguing over the sharing ratio when guests give you money.

Especially when the eldest wants to start using age to do ojoro.

5. Deciding who has to answer your parents when they shout “Who is there oh? !”

“It’s your turn oh, come and be going!”

6. When the oldest starts forming class captain.

My friend will you gerrarahia!

7. When there is disagreement on who gets the largest meat.

“If you collect that meat I will blow you!”

8. When you don’t want to do “and co” and have to choose styles.

“I say I have already chosen off shoulder blouse and fish tail skirt choose your own style ah! Copy copy!”

9. When your parents buy something for just one child and the rest of you are like:

“Well done shey you hear! But if they born you well don’t share it with us oh!”

10. When you have to choose a sibling to ask your parents for a favour, on behalf of everyone.

Me again? Nope nope nope.

11. When someone snitches on the crew.

“JUDAS IS THAT YOU? Shebi mummy and daddy will still go out and leave us here with ourselves?”

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