9 Reasons Why Christmas Is The Best Holiday

December 26, 2016

1. You get a break from work/school for almost 3 weeks

And that’s all that counts

2. Christmas parties are the best

I plan on going for parties from the 19th till the 30th

3. All the free food

Once you say free anything, i’m there

4. People have to be nice to you in the spirit of christmas

Even if I steal your food, you have to be nice to me

5. If your birthday’s in December(like mine), they’ll treat you like a king

Double blessings, just for me

6. When your parents ask you what you want for Christmas and you can’t decide

Do I want new phone? Or should I just collect the money

7. Dancing to that heavy Christmas gbedu at every party

I only do these dance moves in December

8. Dressing up on Christmas day

I must kill it in all the pictures

9. It ends with the beginning of another holiday. New Years Day

It’s the gift that keeps on giving

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