1. Yes, I slept with your friend. But now you know she can’t be trusted.

You’re welcome o.

2. Okay, so I ate another womans food. At least now I appreciate yours more

Nawa o, I was only trying to help.

3. Wow, you didn’t know that when I was calling another woman baby, I was only trying to teach you to share

You can’t even share. So selfish

4. So I didn’t pick up your calls. Don’t you know absence makes the heart grow fonder

Duh, I’m doing this for us.

5. Maybe I said football is more important than you. But only because I’m trying to teach you not to trust anyone

Obviously na, it’s common sense na.

6. Yes o, if you cheat, i’ll leave you. Because cheating is wrong

Because cheating is wrong.

7. If I break up with you, i’m only teaching you to have strength

That’s the whole point. Now you’re a stronger person.


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