1. They laugh a little too hard at your jokes.

Aunty I know I’m funny but this kind laugh you dey laugh.

2. Every time you talk about your babe, they look at you like.

Sorry na, I just said she said I should greet you.

3. They’re always at your table/cubicle.

You no dey work? Wetin you dey find?

4. Anytime you pass their desk/cubicle they look at you like.

I’m not coming to meet you, I just want to pee.

5. They’re always offering you food.

Na so Eve catch Adam, my sister I’m alright.. I don chop for morning.

6. When you tell them no, they try to act like its no big deal.

They’ll try to keep smiling even though they want to jump off the roof.

7. When they see you laughing with another coworker.

They’ll act like you’re disturbing them.

8. They blush when you talk to them.

Em… I just asked for a stapler, why you dey do like crayfish?


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