Alcoholics, this one is for you. We all have different tolerance levels for booze but one thing is certain, your body will let you know when you’ve had one cup too many.

Here are a few ways you can just tell that you’re drunk and it is time to put down the bottle.

You start feeling generous

paid make it rain GIF

Once you start feeling generous and offering to settle everybody’s bill, you know you’re getting there. Even when you’ll be left with 1k in your account after paying because in this life, problem no dey finish. Try dey enjoy.

You tell everybody you love them

The next stage is telling everybody you love them. One minute you’re drinking stout, the next you’re telling your friend: “Bro I love you so much. If you ever need me I’ll come through bro.”

nba all star hug GIF by NBA

You suddenly feel like dancing

For context, you can’t dance. But at the moment you’re feeling like Kaffy so you let lose. Hint: You’re NOT Kaffy.

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You start missing your ex

Stage 3 is when you start thinking about your ex that did you dirty and missing them. No matter what you do, don’t text your ex.

Miss You Pain GIF by Graduation

The vodka stops tasting bitter

When you’re downing the bottle of vodka but you’re only tasting the Apple flavour, you know irretrievably gone.

Drunk Body Bag GIF by Ivorian Doll

Everything na double double

When you start seeing everything in twos, it is time to stop drinking.

When you do 10 minutes of work : funny

You start talking to yourself in the mirror

Do you ever go to the restroom to pee and you see yourself in the mirror and realise how drunk you are?

You’ll now tell yourself “Guy you don higghhhh.”

You stop feeling your face

Cant Feel My Face GIF by The Weeknd

Once you touch your face twice and it’s not there, you’ve reached the point of no return

Lastly, remember never to drink and drive. If you’re feeling a bit wavy, leave your car and take a taxi instead.

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