Everybody likes free money. I can’t count the number of times I’ve fantasized about someone walking up to me and saying “Just take this 4 million naira. I dash you.” This is usually followed by a dreamy list of all the things I would buy, often starting with a big platter of small chops.

I was wondering what other people would do if they received a sudden windfall of money, so I posed this question:

“Someone walks up to you, ready to give you 4 million naira, right there and then. Only a few conditions.

  1. You have to spend all the money within the week.
  2. You can’t save or invest in any form.

What are you spending it on?”

I asked a couple of people and they had some pretty interesting answers.

Folarin, 25

I’d buy a proper gaming laptop, probably a Dell XPS, last-gen or Acer Helios 300, used, of course. Then I’ll buy a small piece of land at Sangotedo, Lagos for my mom, a Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, pay for massage therapy school and buy a 4TB hard drive.

hustling make it rain GIF

Dayo, 33

I’ll first buy a laptop. Then a small car. After that, I’ll buy a piece of land and upgrade my wardrobe. Finally, I’ll buy lots of Jack Daniels Whiskey cases.

Peter, 24

Some nice living room rugs, an AC for the spare room, a vacuum cleaner, some nice rugs for the bedrooms, change my washing machine to a washer/dryer, buy a gas cooker, buy a microwave, install a new row of overhead cabinets in the kitchen, change the furniture in the parlour, buy a 75-inch TV for the parlour, buy a 32-inch monitor for the study, buy food, buy drinks. Then I’d buy whatever fancy shit with the money that’s left.

paid james corden GIF

David, 25

Nothing serious; I’d buy a car, get an apartment and do a wardrobe overhaul.

Sossiq, 28

I’d buy a second-hand car,  give 10% to charity. I’d give my folks a huge chunk.

Next, buy the PlayStation 5, change the decor of my house and pay my landlord for next year. I’d buy a laptop for 300k and use 200k to throw a Post-COVID party.

Betty, 20

I’d buy clothes, shoes, foodstuff, hair bundles for myself and my squad, and a few Apple products.

Alex, 27

N3,000,000? I’ll first take N750,000 to nice my Mum. Next, I’ll pay N250,000 for an online training course I’ve been meaning to take. I’ll use N1,000,000 for rent (furnishings included) for the coming year. N600,000 for wardrobe, annual locs maintenance and more tattoos. Remaining N400,000 for a charity organisation here in Nigeria that focus on women and children development.

Biggy, 28

Buy a second car with 2.5 million and I’ll upgrade my wardrobe with the rest. One week its too much. Within one hour, it has finished.

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