Your fave musician has been hinting at the release of new music, and the day finally comes. Only for you to listen to the music and it turns out to be a hot mess. Your brain melts and you don’t know how to process it. Here’s a list of things to do:

1. Listen to the song again

You have to listen to the song as many times as possible because maybe there’s something your fave put inside that you’re not hearing. Your GOAT can’t just drop hot trash on you like that. Listen again. 

2. Mourn the era you once loved

After listening as many times as possible, you’ve discovered your fave is indeed capable of mid. Now is the time to mourn. Weep for the albums and songs that existed when you still thought your fave was god. Immerse yourself in the greatness that once existed. Stream all their old songs and remind yourself why you became a fan in the first place. Does one fuck-up really change that? 

3. Pray to the music gods it doesn’t happen again 

It’s one thing for them to have a mid song, but for them to start consistently dropping mid songs? Ah! You have to go down on your knees and pray. Affliction cannot arise a second time. 

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4. Delete all the slander you’ve dropped against other musicians.

All the tweets, Facebook posts, Whatsapp fights, and whatnot, DELETE THEM. You don’t want people sending you “this you?” messages. The internet doesn’t forgive, but you can help them forget. 

5. Delete the song from your memory

Just delete the song from your brain. Every single performance, merch, or tour relating to that song must be wiped out of your memory. It doesn’t exist and it shouldn’t exist and you won’t ever claim it outside. 

6. Open a burner account and get some things off of your chest

Break your silence, but anonymously. People need to know that you think that the song is hot trash, but they shouldn’t be able to trace it back to you. You want to still pretend that your fave can do no wrong. 

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7. Defend the rubbish publicly with your chest

At the end of the day, your fave is your fave and you’re going to stand by them. They may drop hot trash once in a while, but we’ve all had our bad moments. They should leave your fave for you. Ahn ahn!




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