Before coming into the Big Brother house, all the housemates told us in videos what they would do on the show. They made all these promises about bringing drama and entertainment. Have they kept their word? Let’s see.


Sigh. Wakanda babe just entered the house and disappeared after she told us, “I’m going to blow up in the house by being 100% myself because I’m unique.” Abeg, what is unique about barely contributing to any conversation or being involved in the house? 

In most of the Allysyn clips I see, she’s sitting on a couch looking bored while people are talking. She said she’d never be caught fighting for a man, and she was right. But she did ask a man to leave his two girlfriends for her. Does that count? 


I can’t lie, Phyna surprised me. She was so calm in her introductory video. I was sure she would come into the house, stay in one corner, and hardly be noticed. Only for her to enter the house, and her voice is the loudest. She also said she’s not interested in love, but look at our good sis now, hopelessly in love and not sending anybody. 

On stage with Ebuka at the live show, she talked about bringing vibes (I’m so tired of this word) and drama. So far, she has sort of fulfilled her promise. She’s constantly giving us things to talk about: her relationship with Groovy, her fights in which she’s not afraid to give it back to anybody and her friendships with Amaka and Chi Chi. 


The god of Groovy has to be mighty because how else is he getting away with giving us nothing? He said he would be entertaining, but the most content we’ve gotten from him was when Beauty was in the house. Can we bring her back? Maybe it’ll ignite some fire in him. I even preferred him when he was chasing Chomzy. I thought he was going to be some kind of playboy. 

Chi Chi 

Madam Chi Chi came in saying she’s an exotic dancer. I don’t know what dances she has been doing at the Saturday parties, but there’s nothing exotic about them. I thought she would be the life of the party, but she disappointed me and the rest of the audience. Or maybe we just “don’t like beautiful things.” 


In her video, Chomzy told us she would take it to the next level by showing off her dancing and giving us hot hot. She’s the only person who has kept her promise. She’s what we thought Chi Chi would be. She’s always on fire on the dance floor and the life of the party.


Baby girl said the viewers would like her because she’s very energetic and outspoken. It’s three weeks to the end of big brother, and we’re wondering when this energy will show. She also said people would hate her for being reserved when they don’t expect her to be (which is every single day she’s been in the house). We don’t really get to see her. 


“I can cook, but I don’t like cooking,” my good sis, we’ve seen your spaghetti. This was a big lie. 

Bella told us in her introductory video that the season would be interesting because she’s there. Where she lied, though, was when she said she was fun and the life of the party. All we’ve seen is constant scowling and withdrawing herself from people. 

She did say she’s a mean girl, though, and she’s giving us that. But her relationship with Sheggz has definitely contributed to her behaviour. 


All I heard Bryan say was “swag”, “energy” and “vibes” (Yeah, I’m rolling my eyes too). It seemed like he would be a calm but fun person in the house. I was wrong about the calm, but he’s definitely fun. He’s always having a great time with his housemates. But we didn’t expect him to be this annoying and petty even though he warned us. 


I saw a fine boy, and I thought he had sense. Boy, was I wrong. He said he’d never be caught fighting or losing his temper, but oga has fought with every single person in the house. “If any housemate hates me, I’ll be shocked. But if they do, I’ll think it’s because maybe they’re not genuine.” Yeah, right. That’s why they hate you. 

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